Professor Astrologo in Bern for the 100th anniversary of Interpol


Institutional Communication Service

21 August 2023

To combat the growing threat of globalised and digital crime, it is crucial for national and international law enforcement agencies to share information and collaborate. In order to enhance this cooperation, the Federal Office of Police recently hosted a gathering to celebrate Interpol's 100th anniversary. Attendees included the Secretary General of Interpol, local police forces, the Italian Carabinieri, the German Anti-Crime Office, and Professor Annamaria Astrologo from Università della Svizzera italiana, representing the academic community.

During the meeting, which took place on 14 August at the headquarters of the Federal Office of Police in Bern, During the meeting, the attendees talked about the present circumstances, recent advancements, and potential collaboration to combat organised crime. Switzerland heavily relies on police cooperation, as it faces various criminal activities like money laundering, ATM attacks, and trafficking of drugs, humans, and arms due to its small size and central location.

During her speech, Professor Annamaria Astrologo emphasised the significance of scientific knowledge in combatting organised mafia-style crime. To enhance the efficacy of this battle, it is imperative to establish stronger connections between public prosecution institutions and university institutions, such as the Ticino Observatory on Organised Crime, active at Università della Svizzera italiana since 2021.


In the photo: Pascal Progin, Segretariato generale Interpol; Andrea Antonazzo, direzione centrale della Polizia Criminale (Italia); Jürgen Stock, Segretario generale Interpol; Nicoletta della Valle, Direttrice fedpol; Michael Kretschmer, vicepresidente Bundeskriminalamt (Germania) e Annamaria Astrologo, professoressa USI