Success for the second edition of YOUniversity


Institutional Communication Service

2 October 2023

More than 750 students participated in the YOUniversity event held on 28 September 2023 in the East Campus Lugano courtyard, organised jointly by USI and SUPSI. The students from both institutions had the opportunity to interact with each other, socialise, and enjoy a night filled with music, a table football tournament, board games, and a DJ battle. It was a fun-filled evening that allowed students to make new friends and have a good time.

The evening, organised by USI and SUPSI, featuring the accredited USI student associations and the SUPSI Student Association, was an opportunity to celebrate the start of the semester and get to know the university beyond courses, study and exams.

During the event, the student associations had the opportunity to showcase their activities on campus, among which the table football tournament and board games stood out. The public watched and voted for the winner of the DJ Battle, the proposal won and organised by the student winner of the "Express your talent" competition that YOUniversity had launched last June. Ticino Bands provided technical support for the event, and Associazione Ticino Street Food collaborated to provide delicious street food options for the attendees.