The House of Sustainability is presented in a video


Institutional Communication Service

18 December 2023

The USI House of Sustainability will open on 21 March 2024, its main purpose will be to offer alpine seminars for all the university's Bachelor's students. What is an alpine seminar? What methodology is proposed to address sustainability issues? How will you experience the region and encounter the local environment? A video presents the House of Sustainability project and gives us a glimpse of its activities through student testimonies that were collected during a pilot Alpine seminar between Airolo and the wonderful region of Piora.

The Alpine seminar is a cross-curricular training lasting 2,5 days (residential formula, at the House of Sustainability) and is intended for all USI Bachelor students (the terms of participation are defined by each Faculty).

The fundamental teaching tool of the Alpine seminar is the immersion of students in the Alpine landscape, aware of the educational role that this environment has on how to develop thinking based on the culture of sustainable development. The Alps offer a unique place to understand and meet the great challenges of our century (climate change, planetary resources, transport, energy, etc.).

USI, through this educational experience, intends to offer all its students an opportunity to add to their own educational curriculum, to reflect on how they can contribute to respecting the great balance of the natural environment and life and create 'a well-functioning society', capable of improving living conditions today without compromising the lives of future generations.


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