A conference on carbon markets and their role in a sustainable economy


Institutional Communication Service

23 January 2024

The conference "Carbon Markets and their role for the transition to a climate aligned economy", organised by Università della Svizzera italiana and Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF) in collaboration with Lugano Commodity Trading Association, will be held on Thursday, 21 March from 1 pm in Aula polivalente (East Campus Lugano). The encounter will feature an introduction by Eric Nowak and a Keynote by Sergio Ermotti, UBS CEO.

The event will provide insight into the pivotal role carbon markets play in mitigating climate change and steering us toward a net-zero economy. Despite their significance, the complexities of compliance and voluntary carbon markets remain elusive to many. In the past year, we've witnessed heightened scrutiny and challenges, particularly surrounding forest carbon offsets. The conference aims to demystify these intricacies and foster a nuanced understanding.

Alberto Stival, Director of SSF, and Eric Nowak, Director of the Centre for Climate Finance and Sustainability at USI, will open the event and introduce the topic of voluntary carbon markets. The programme will also include presentations by industry experts including South Pole and Gold Standard and a keynote speech by Sergio Ermotti, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of UBS.


Registration is required on the SSF website. Interested parties can also watch the event live by registering on the website to access the streaming service.