Passa la palla - the impact of social exclusion and the superpowers of inclusiveness


Institutional Communication Service

8 March 2024

The event " Passa la palla" (Pass the ball), organised by USI in ascolto and the Equal Opportunities Service in collaboration with the Sport Service, with the patronage of the City of Lugano's Social Affairs Division and the Canton Ticino's Department of Health and Social Affairs, will be held at the West Campus Lugano Aula magna on 26 March 2024 (from 9 am to 5 pm).

This is a day aims to address social exclusion in adolescence. It is an opportunity for learning and reflection with experts in the academic and medical-scientific fields and specialists in gender studies. The encounter will be held in Italian



09:00 Istitutial welcome  
09:30 Academic speeches  

L'appartenenza al gruppo: l'esclusione sociale come forme di bullismo e cyber-vittimizzazione tra gli adolescenti

  La prevenzione del suicidio tra i giovani: luci e ombre nella società moderna  
  Inclusione sociale e salute: una prospettiva lunga una vita?  
10:45 Coffee break  
11:15 Cantonal programme to promote rights, prevent violence and protect children and young people  
11:30 Round table  
13:00 Lunch  
14:00 Experimental workshops on diversity  


Registration for the event is mandatory, so please click here to confirm your participation.