Innosuisse support to SMEs: innovation mentors

Research and Transfer Service

2 February 2018

As of 2018 the Innosuisse (former CTI) innovation mentors are giving tailored support to Swiss SMEs willing to start an innovation project. Support request to Innovation mentors from a public research partner is not anymore possible.

SMEs may apply for support asking for a Basic Support voucher, a Partner Support voucher and/or an Application support voucher and/or a Revision Support voucher. These different free services help you to address the following issues:

  • Basic Support:
    • Our SME has an innovative idea, what are the next steps?
    • Is our SME even allowed to apply for Innosuisse funding?
    • Does my project have a chance of being funded by Innosuisse?
  • Partner Support:
    • Our SME is pursuing an innovative idea but needs more research skills. How and where do we get them?
    • Which research institution is the best match for my innovation project?
  • Application Support:
    • How do I put together a project application for Innosuisse or another funding body?
    • How do I conclude contracts with my project partners?
    • How do I settle patent matters with my contractual partner?
  • Revision Support:
    • How do I revise a funding application such as one for an Innosuisse project that has previously been rejected?

Further information available here.


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