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Eddo Rigotti (2007)
Eddo Rigotti (2007)

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16 July 2018

The International Society for the Study of Argumentation (ISSA), the leading academic association in the field, founded in Amsterdam in 1986, has conferred its Distinguished Research Award to Professor emeritus Eddo Rigotti, a prestigious honour awarded to researchers who have contributed substantially to the study of this discipline.

Prof. Rigotti was the first Dean of the USI Faculty of Communication Sciences, the founder also of the Institute of Argumentation, Linguistics and Semiotics. The current Faculty Dean, Professor Andrea Rocci, commented, “Eddo Rigotti is – for me and my colleagues – a true Master, he taught us the passion for the exchange of good (and bad) arguments between people, when they have to make decisions or try together to understand reality. His fondness of good dialectics comes from a deep knowledge of the classics - from Aristotle to Boethius, to Cicero - and the originality of his approach consists in the ability to rigorously show the relevance of rhetoric for our lives and our society. He has taught us to study reasoning in real terms, in the various places where we ponder and make decisions. This is how the Institute's research on argumentation in the field of finance was developed, on how journalists discuss in the newsroom, on conflict mediation and resolution, on children who learn to think by reasoning within the family. On these foundations we built parts of the Bachelor curriculum and developed certain Master curricula at the Faculty, like the Master in Financial Communication and the Master in Media Management”.


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