We would already like to thank those who took up the invitation to actively collaborate with us in the realisation of the event. In particular:

  • USI Career Service: at the service of students and graduates that fosters relationships and privileged connections with the main professional realities and facilitates a qualified insertion of USI graduates in the world of work (
  • ilariasds_dj: PhD student in Communication and Public Policy at USI;
  • Dj Lond: student at SUPSI
  • USI eLab: USI service aims at improving the quality of teaching through the integration of digital technologies (;
  • Erasmus Student Network Lugano section: Student association whose aim is to promote intercultural integration and help exchange students fully enjoy their experience in Ticino and throughout Switzerland (;
  • Han Sessions: Born in Switzerland, Han is an artist who works with multimedia formats for websites, musical events and fine arts (;
  • Human Rights Film Festival: Born in 2014, the Human Rights Film Festival Lugano (FFDUL) represents the most important forum on Human Rights and the first film festival in Italian-speaking Switzerland entirely dedicated to these issues (;
  • USI Laboratory of Modern Languages: organises and coordinates practical teaching of Italian, German, French and English aimed at deepening and strengthening language skills (;
  • Movetia: national agency for the promotion of exchanges and mobility within the education system (