Introduction to Graphics Design with InDesign

The graphical equilibrium is the first thing that we transmit with our work. It is the most powerful instrument to capture the interest of our reader. The objective of this course is to equip students from all faculties with the essential instruments of the graphical representation, chromatic and structure. While making the first steps with the graphics program Adobe InDesign, students will learn to master the instruments of page layout, font choice and graphical communication to construct a coherent and fitting design for their project.

This course requires a laptop with Adobe InDesign installed. There is free demo version and there are discounted student plans. We are happy to help with the installation upon request.

Giordano Costanza

My educational journey at the Accademia di architettura in Mendrisio started in 2015. During my studies I had to possibility to enter into the world of the cinema. This passion has grown to a point that I have started in 2019, together with two colleagues, a small video production studio, Ex Anima.

Today, at the end of my studies, I am happy to pass the competences that I have learned in the last few years to younger students, not only to equip them with a useful skill, but in the hope that I could instill in some of them the same passion that moves my work.

Emanuele Carcano

Il nostro percorso formativo all’ interno dell’USI presso l'Accademia di architettura comincia nel 2015. In questi anni di studi parte integrante della nostra formazione è stata sviluppare la capacità di presentare un progetto architettonico attraverso il disegno: un potente strumento comunicativo che, se saputo controllare, riesce a trasmettere un’immagine completa e dettagliata del messaggio desiderato.
Pertanto oggi, che siamo in procinto di concludere il nostro corso di studi all’interno dell’USI, ci piacerebbe trasmettere le competenze sviluppate in questi anni a studenti di altre facoltà.

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