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MSc in Corporate Communication

402, Main Building

Cause-Related Marketing

Prof. Paula Peter


Cause-related marketing refers to a type of marketing that benefits both for-profit and non-profit organizations. The term is sometimes used more generally to refer to any type of marketing effort for social and charitable causes. The purpose of this course is to offer an overview of marketing social/charitable causes and to explore their impact and influence on society from both a macro (societal) and a micro (firm/consumer) perspective. Special emphasis is placed on a multi-stakeholder and consumer behaviour/consumer psychology perspective so that the wide range of competing interests and forces can be identified and analyzed. This course is meant to provoke deeper thinking on marketing issues facing social and cause marketers. The subject matter of the course is both conceptual and decision-oriented.

250, Main Building

Corporate Governance

Prof. Josef McCahery


This course is meant to cover the major areas of corporate governance, including an overview of key corporate governance matters; the duties and responsibilities of directors, including non-executives; the evolution of corporate law; executive pay; earnings management; the significance of institutional investors for corporate governance; the legal control of insiders; and takeover bids. An important goal will be to familiarize students with the economic environment, legal rules and challenges of corporate governance reform. Emphasis will be given to the contemporary debates over the failure of boards to protect the interests of minority shareholders, the limitations of executive compensation policies, and the declining importance of the market for corporate control to restrain managers. The course will encourage students to use various analytical tools to deal with key governance issues that face managers, directors, and investors.

402, Main Building


Presentation of the Master in Corporate Communication

Prof. Francesco Lurati, Master's Director