Minor in Digital Finance

Educational path

This Minor aims at equipping you with a systematic understanding and training in advanced technological tools and applications in relation to financial markets and financial services institutions. The combination of a solid foundation in economics and finance, together with training in cutting-edge areas such as Blockchain and Machine Learning, provides you with the required abilities to meet the challenges of the rapidly advancing innovations that are reshaping the finance and banking industry. Special attention is devoted to launching and developing ventures and start-ups in Fintech areas as well as to designing and developing user-tailored financial products and services in banking and investment companies.

Career Outlook

As a graduate with this Minor, you can develop your career path in Fintech companies as well as hedge funds, digital asset banks, central banks and telecommunication companies. Typical job roles include – but are not limited to – digital finance analyst, digital finance consultant, data analyst, product manager, cybersecurity analyst, app developer, compliance expert, and financial planner.