A Master’s degree has become a major asset within the finance industry and can open many doors for graduates who are looking to kick-start their careers in finance. There are plenty of potential career paths, ranging from the more traditional job profiles in banking to new opportunities in Fintech and asset management. The overall employment rate of the program is at 95%. A considerable fraction (61%) of the Master’s in Finance students find an occupation before having graduated. Within three months after graduation, 76% of the graduates are employed. Half of the graduates (50%) accept a job in Switzerland, about 20% in Italy, and the remaining 30% around the globe. Most of the graduates (68%) find an occupation in the banking and financial services sector. Below you find the employment report by sector, function, and average compensation.

Employability Data

  • Employed                         95.5%
  • Average Time to job*        2,1 months
    (76% within 3 months: 61% before graduation)


Place of work %


  • Ticino
  • Other Swiss Canton



Italy 20
Other Countries 30


Industries (main) %
Banking, Finance, Insurance services, Accounting 68.3
Strategic Management consulting / Audit 12.2
Informatics, Technology, Web 4.9
Educational, Research institutions 3.7
Food & beverage 3.7
All others (<3%) 7.3


Functions (main) %
Finance 43.4
Consulting 22.9
Purchasing and sales 8.4
Research 6.0
Business Development 3.6
Administrative 3.6
All others (<3%) 12


The average salary** is 66'700.- CHF (81'600.- CHF in Switzerland).


*Source: 2020 USI Master Survey (2015-2019)
**100% gross annual salary