Master Thesis

The 120 ECTS path of the Master includes the delivery of a Master’s thesis in the fourth semester. The thesis itself is worth 30 ECTS.

A Master’s thesis provides the opportunity for a student to plan, structure, carry and interpret research in the field of Finance; the thesis should be of high quality, meaning that the student should deliver original work with potential for presentation at professional or scholarly meetings.

In the thesis, the student should: show good awareness of the current work on the topic; demonstrate proficiency in carrying analytical research; organize results in a coherent and critical manner; and deliver a properly structured and written description of her/his work. The candidate should finally be ready to discuss it in front of the thesis committee in an organized way and be ready to defend her/his conclusions and argue around them.

It is the student’s responsibility to propose a thesis topic, and ultimately to ensure timely completion of the thesis in compliance with the standards above. The thesis should be conducted and written under the supervision of a lecturer of the Master’s in Finance, which acts as main Thesis Supervisor. To approach a lecturer, the student may want to prepare a short (2-3 pages) proposal where (s)he outlines research question, approach, and main expected takeaways of the thesis.

The following are the critical administrative steps that take you to the thesis completion, once a Supervisor has been identified:

  • Agree on a title with the Supervisor and have the registration form signed by your Supervisor and sent to the Examination office (Ms Sara Lurati) and to the Master’s Assistant (Ms Katia Muè). In the form, you will also need to write down the name of the Second Reader of the thesis, to be decided with the Supervisor.
  • When writing your thesis, please follow the style guidelines
  • Once you will have the final approval of your thesis, please upload it for the plagiarism check. The Faculty has acquired a new software enabling the prevention of plagiarism in students’ written work. You should upload your Master’s thesis (the final draft, approved by the Supervisor) following the instructions provided under FAQs on the iCorsi platform.
  • Fill in and sign the document "Declaration of Academic Honesty" and forward it by email to the Master’s Assistant.
  • The University Library Lugano shall likewise issue a clearance statement, "Clearance statement request form", duly signed. The signed document must be submitted in electronic form to the Examinations Secretary ( no later than three weeks after the defence, together with the PDF versions of the discussed thesis text. No hard copies of the thesis are requested.
  • Agree with your Supervisor and Second Reader when the discussion will take place and communicate date and time to the Master’s Assistant, who will email the formal call for thesis defence.

For complete guidelines on the Master’s dissertations please refer to this page


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