Career Prospects

Targeting informatics bachelors and students with related degrees, the FinTeC master provides students with an existing background in informatics the skills necessary to enter the exciting new field of Finance Technology. A core of carefully selected finance and informatics courses provide a thorough understanding of the domain, while a broad offering of electives from both finance and informatics offer a personal learning path tailored to the needs and interests of each student.

The primary labor market for the graduates of the programme is to be found in small Fintech startups, medium to large companies in the finance sector (e.g., banks, insurers, hedge funds) as well as the public sector, both in Switzerland and abroad. Many existing financial companies struggle with keeping up with recent developments in finance technology and thus are in great need of informatics professionals who have a thorough understanding of finance. Potential job profiles range from system architect to system developer to service designer to financial consultant. With a FinTeC master, students will be able to help banks, trading companies, and insurers master this new reality, or, alternatively, be well positioned to challenge existing players with their own startup.

Employability Data

  • Employed                           95.1%
  • Average Time to Job         2.2 months
    (78% within 3 months: 51% before graduation)


Place of work %


  • Ticino
  • Other Swiss Cantons



Italy 18
Other Countries 5


Industries (main) %
Informatics, Techonology, Web 51.4
Educational, Research institutions 10
Banking, Finance, Insurance services, Accounting 7.1
Telecommunication 4.4
All others (<3%) 27.1


Function (main) %
IT and Web Services 27.5
Engineering 26.1
Research 20.3
Consulting 5.8
Entrepreneurship 4.4
All others (<3%) 15.9


The average salary* is 79'200.- CHF.


Source: 2020 USI Master Survey (2015-2019)
*100% gross annual salary in CH