Job Profiles

Junior Marketing Manager
As a junior marketing assistant, you will contribute to the execution of a company’s marketing plan acting on a number of direct, earned, and paid media, in both analogic and digital settings. You will be involved in a variety of tasks, related to strategic objectives as varied as driving website traffic, generating quality leads, managing events and customer experience, and designing actions to affect customers’ attitudes, perceptions, and behaviours.

Market Research Analyst
As market research analysts, you will design and carry out assessments of customer reactions to a company’s marketing actions (the launch of new products/services, a new advertising campaign, the redesign of distribution channels, in-store activations, packaging, etc.). You will gather, organise, and interpret data using a variety of methods, software, and interpretive skills. The output of your work is of critical relevance for all other marketing decisions. As such, you will interact with all other marketing professionals within the company. In today’s digitalised markets, you will manage big and small data, and assess the amount and relevance of the data that is needed.

Junior Brand Manager
Brands are one, if not the most valuable asset that companies own. As a junior brand manager, you will be part of decisions meant to achieve specific brand objectives, such as brand awareness, positive brand judgements, brand associations, and brand extensions. You will also be engaged in all those actions meant to nurture brand publics and brand communities (e.g. content management, brand storytelling, social media management), and to support brand love and iconicity. Junior brand managers interact with product managers, market research managers, advertising agencies, and retailers to manage all key decisions eventually affecting a brand’s own identity and success.

Junior Product Manager
In this role, you will be the one in charge of deeply understanding your target markets, deciphering their transformations, both in qualitative and in quantitative terms. Market analysis is to be turned into the identification of new business opportunities for the product, or line of products, that you manage. Junior brand managers establish regular interactions with market analysts, the research and development unit, production, and brand managers. In today’s economy, product managers take decisions at the level not only of the physical product but also of the amount of services and experiences augmenting said product.

Sales Manager
Over the last two decades, companies’ approach to sales has radically changed. Today, companies select their best managers for sales positions, since sales specialists are those managing direct relationships with retailers and customers, acquiring deep market understanding, identifying innovation opportunities, and eventually increasing a company’s turnover. As a sales manager, you will sharpen your communication, legal, and relational skills. You will also capitalise deep understanding of your customers, which is mandatory to access a position as senior product, brand, or marketing manager.

Event and Experience Manager
Events have become one of the most relevant settings within which a brand or company can interact directly with their stakeholders, while maintaining high control over their marketing strategy. Considering that the digital world is increasingly eroding marketing managers’ control, events and in-store/on-line experience are two crucial levers to provide customers and other target audiences with the stimuli, information, and marketing-mix that managers aim to deliver. As an event manager, you will be especially concerned to enrich what your stakeholders know of your company, how they feel about it, and how they relate to it. As an experience manager, you will aim to improve customer satisfaction and customer pleasure associated to product/brand consumption.

Corporate Social Responsibility Manager
CSR entails a variety of implications that CSR-driven companies have to consider including, among others, environmental management, responsible sourcing, fair treatment of a company’s stakeholders, and accountability and transparency. As a CSR manager, you will assist the company in developing, managing, and altering social responsibility policies. Your levers will include use of internal communication, to sharpen internal understanding and reinforce commitment towards CRS, as much as external communication to deliver the message of the company's commitment to social responsibility.

Well-being Specialist
As a well-being specialist, you will provide strategic and technical guidance to other marketing specialists in order to ensure that their target audiences’ psycho-social and social emotional well-being are central in the design and implementation of their marketing initiatives. Additionally, you will work with the marketing senior management to identify opportunities to improve your internal and external stakeholders’ well-being, strengthen positive relationships with the community, and help move marketing vision to a higher-order level.

Junior Account Manager
Within advertising and communication agencies, account managers are those professionals in charge of managing the relationships with some key clients. As such, in this role you will gather relevant information on the assigned clients, contribute in defining clients’ needs, interact with the creative and the media planning teams, and monitor the effects of the campaign over time.

Media Planner
Within advertising and communication agencies, as a media planner you will be in charge of understanding customer individual or group patterns in different types of traditional and new media settings. Media planners work to determine what forms of media a company should use to attract consumers or gain users. In today’s markets, media differ in terms of owned, paid, and earned media, which respond to distinct functioning. Students who are well organised, systematic, comfortable with quali/quantitative thinking, and fascinated by the media industry may consider this field.

Social Media Manager
With the rise of online marketing, social media managers orchestrate the presence and refine the image of companies and their brands on outlets like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tik Tok, Twitter, and WeChat. Tech-savvy marketing graduates with strong creative and writing skills can excel in this role. As a social media manager, you would work in teams, sharpen persuasive ability and finesse with people to coax cooperation from colleagues over which you have no formal authority.