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Graduates can integrate hundreds of marketing-related professions, with no restrictions in terms of company size (from start-ups to multinationals), markets (b2b, b2c, b2b2c, c2c, c2b, etc.), or industry. For its focus on individual and societal well-being, the programme also supports graduates seeking careers in industries focused on well-being (arts & culture, cosmetics, fashion, financial services, food & beverage, healthcare, insurances, pharma, sport, etc.) or public and non-profit organisations.

The most requested profiles relate to advertising and content management, branding, (digital) marketing, e-commerce, public relations, sales, and more.

Graduates can also launch their own start-up, supported by USI’s incubator.

Employability Data
93% of MMTE graduates are employed one year after graduation, and find their first job very quickly: 1/4 of the students already have a job by graduation, and almost another half find employment within 3 months from graduation.

  • Employed                         93%
  • Average Time to job*        2,2 months
    (70% within 3 months: 25% before graduation / 45% 0-3 months)


Place of work %


  • Ticino
  • Other Swiss Cantons



Italy 21.3
Other Countries 17.2


Industry %
Advertising agencies and media 13.1
Consulting and market research 9
Distribution and logistics 18
Fast-moving consumer goods and consumer durables 2.9
Financial and real estate services 4.9
Industrial markets 5
Pharmaceutical and health 4.1
Prestige and luxury 16.9
Public and non-profit organisations 5
Service, experience, and cultural organisations 7.6
Tech & ICT 8.2
Other 5.3


Function %
Marketing 44.0
Sales 12.1
Accounting 6.9
Operations 5.2
Business Development 5.2
Product Management 4.7
Entrepreneurship 4.6
Programme and Project Management 4.3
Research 4.3
Human Resources 2.6
IT 1.7
Media and Communication 1.7
Consulting 0.9
Support Services 0.9
Community and Social Services 0.9


The average salary one year after graduation is CHF 48'400,(in Switzerland CHF 58'500).


10yearUSIMaster Survey 2016
USI Placement survey 2018