The Academic Senate introduces the "Students Corporation"


Institutional Communication Service

11 March 2019

A series of insights on the role of USI Academic Senate and the issues tackled in its first two years of activities has launched in view of the elections for its new members, taking place during the spring semester. In the previous issues, emphasis has been placed on its growing importance in the life of our University. The Senate has been called upon to take a stand on the process for the promotion of professors, on the overall quality of the academic offer, and on the University’s budget.

Today we present the effort of the Senate to promote a positive and validating student experience outside of class and study related activities. Green light has been given to an initiative to create a “Students Corporation” with its own budget to sponsor new student projects such as events organised by students associations.

The students elected this year within the Senate will contribute first hand to the implementation of the project and should become the first members of the executive committee of this new body, whose finances will be fuelled by a contribution from USI of 10CHF per Bachelor and Master student per year.

After consultation with the existing student associations, the Academic Senate will discuss how the Corporation will operate during the April session.