Hazique Gul Memon and his start-up


Alumni Service

12 April 2019

The graduate of the Master in International Tourism Hazique Gul Memon (2016) is the co-founder of the start-up Swiss Escape, which offers co-working and co-living spaces surrounded by nature in Canton Valais.

Hazique Gul Memon, USI Master in International Tourism in 2016, was selected right after graduation by ACTE (Association of Corporate Travel Executives) to travel around the world to meet active stakeholders in the corporate travel industry. He later took a traineeship with a role as Management Associate in Marketing and Communications, EMEA at BCD Travel in Netherlands.

After this first compelling professional experience, he moved to Portugal, where he was involved in a tourism business incubator programme. This allowed Hazique to return to Switzerland where a month later, together with a partner, he created Swiss Escape.

The start-up is active in the Hospitality sector and offers co-working and co-living spaces immersed in the Swiss Alps. Today Hazique covers multiple roles: he deals with the legal aspects related to the creation of a company, marketing, web design, controlling and customers. Hazique is fulfilling his dream: as he said "do what you love. Don't get a job just to do a job. Don't constrain yourself to a specific location. Keep learning new skills, that will set you apart from the crowd”.

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