A week in Ticino for undergraduate medical students from ETH


Institutional Communication Service

20 September 2019

"This special training week represented an important moment for exchange with the ETH, as it provided these students with a first opportunity to touch base with the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland and to get them acquainted with our regional hospital system", is how PD Dr. Mattia Lepori, head of the organisation and lecturer at the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, defined the added value of the ‘Emergency Week’. During the mornings, lessons were held at the San Giovanni Hospital in Bellinzona, where USI faculty and a number of Privatdozent who practice in Ticino explored together with the students various types of emergencies. In the afternoon, the students were divided into groups and took part in a diversified programme in Lugano, including case study discussions and simulations, in collaboration with the Ospedale Civico, the Croce Verde, and the Advanced Simulation Centre at the Scuola Superiore Medico-tecnica.

From the students’ perspective, many objectives were achieved with this study tour, as Zeno Benci, a Ticino student in Zurich, says: "The study week in Ticino was an excellent opportunity to consolidate some previous knowledge but also an opportunity, for some of my colleagues, to cross the Alps and reach Ticino for the first time, to discover the region from which I come ". Jonathan Golling, from the Canton of Glarus, emphasizes the importance of connecting with the region: "In addition to focusing on the field of emergency medicine, I appreciated being able to discover the hospital system in Ticino, a region which will in fact be the destination for me and other students by 2020, as we will be doing the Master's degree at the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences".

The next module in Ticino is scheduled for April 2020, when a "clinical week" will be organised in collaboration with the various entities in the region.