Glenda Braendli appointed to USI Council


Institutional Communication Service

2 July 2020

The Ticino State Council, by means of a government resolution, appointed on 20 May two new women to the USI Council. Today we delve into the profile of USI alumna Glenda Braendli, who after more than 20 years of professional experience in financial services companies based in Zurich, Geneva and Lugano, returns to her "alma mater" as member of the University Council. We asked her some questions about her journey and how she addresses this new challenge.


What does your educational and professional background bring to the USI Council?

I am an economist, a qualified accountant, I have been working as a consultant or auditor for companies active in the financial and industrial sector in Ticino and Switzerland for more than 20 years, I deal with strategic projects on an international level - not least - I am a mother. I therefore bring to the USI Council my many skills as a professional and as a woman.


What do you think are the strengths of our university and how have you seen USI grow since you were a student?

Those who study at USI can count not only on quality teaching but also on a context that favours and promotes rich and meaningful human and professional relationships. Over the years, the University has grown a lot: it has expanded its educational offer and diversified it on several levels, it has attracted more and more international students, it has developed the research sector, it has an ever-increasing impact on the territory, it has improved its infrastructure, but at the same time it has also been able to preserve the small, but not constraining, size that characterizes it and allows those who attend it to establish close relationships. I have kept in touch with some professors and classmates: this has allowed me to evolve as a person and as a professional. 


In what spirit do you face this new challenge?

I accepted this challenge because I am motivated by the desire to contribute to the further development of the university that formed me and gave me the basis to believe in myself and to build my career.


Glenda Braendli (1980) holds a degree in economics obtained at USI in 2003. In 2006 she earned her federal diploma as a certified accountant in Zurich, continuing her professional career in banking auditing at PricewaterhouseCoopers SA (PwC). As an audit expert and lead auditor licensed by the Audit Oversight Authority, she has carried out numerous consulting and audit mandates in Ticino and Switzerland, directed important strategic projects at Swiss and international level and was the partner in charge of PwC's Lugano office until June 2020. She is, among other mandates, a member of the Committee for the Swiss Italian Section of EXPERTsuisse and a member of the Ticino Chapter of the Swiss American Chamber of Commerce, the Risk Management Advisory Board for the Villa Negroni Study Centre in Vezia and the Advisory Board of the Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA) offered by USI.

The University Council - or USI Council - is one of USI's central bodies, together with the Rectorate and the Academic Senate. In accordance with the Law concerning Università della Svizzera italiana, the University Council represents the highest authority of the University, and closely monitors its activities.

In addition to Glenda Braendli, in the same Government Resolution (no. 2518 of 20 May 2020), the Ticino State Council appointed to the USI Council the current President of the Council of the Federal Polytechnics ad interim Beth Krasna.