The 19 winners of the Foundation for the Lugano faculties of USI scholarships


Institutional Communication Service

7 December 2020

19 USI students were awarded one-off scholarships of CHF 4,000 each, granted by the Foundation for the Lugano Faculties of the Università della Svizzera italiana for the academic year 2020/2021. The scholarships are assigned to students who have passed all first-year exams of each USI two-year Master's programmes with the best average.

Scholarships are allocated based on academic merit by an Awarding Committee composed of the Secretary of the Foundation for the Lugano Faculties of USI and the Pro-rector for Education and Students' experience of USI, according to the following criteria:

candidates must,

  • have started the attendance of a USI Master's programme in the autumn semester 2019/20;
  • have gained by the end of the autumn 2020 exam session at least 60 ECTS from the first-year subjects. Those credits have to be earned entirely in a USI Master's programme;
  • have obtained the best average grade in their class, corresponding to at least 9/10. To calculate the average grade, the Committee will take into account the best 60 ECTS earned during the USI Master's programme.

For the academic year 2020/2021 the FFL has awarded 19 scholarships for a total value of CHF 64,000. Below are the names of the students to whom the award was assigned, divided by study path:


Master in Italian Language, Literature and Civilisation

  • Tiziana Antonini (average 9.18)


Master in Economics

  • Baris Sevuk (average 9.15)


Master in Finance

  • Elia Degiorgi (average 9.55)


Master in Management

  • Veronica Antonietta Colombo (average 9.33)


Master in Corporate Communication

  • Michela Gerosa (average 9.25)


Master in Marketing and Transformative Economy

  • Katharina Dölp (average 9.35)


Master in Public Management and Policy

  • Camilla Dagani (average 9.15)


Master in Cognitive Psychology in Health Communication

  • ex aequo Isabella Martinelli (average 9.70)
  • ex aequo Erik Krieger (average 9.68)


Master in Digital Fashion Communication

  • Grace Rugen (average 9.00)


Master in Media Management

  • Valentina Tosi (average 9.38)


Master in Philosophy

  • Sebastian Obrist (average 9.57)


Master in Artificial Intelligence

  • Mauro Mario Gentile (average 9.22)


Master in Software & Data Engineering

  • ex aequo Daniel Tisdall (average 9.40)
  • ex aequo Simone Masiero (average 9.38)


Master in Architecture

  • 1st: Svea Susann Petersen (average 9.70)
  • 2nd: Daria Moatazed-Keivani (average 9.55)
  • 3° ex aequo: Alessandro Livraghi (average 9.50)
  • 3° ex aequo: Antonio Mazzolai (average 9.50)


No student meets the requirements for the other Masters.

By regulation, This scholarship cannot be cumulated with other grants awarded through the Università della
Svizzera italiana. For this reason, it should be noted that there are Master's degree students with better averages who, however, already benefit from other USI scholarships and therefore do not fall in this ranking. Here are their names:

  • Costanza Lucchini (average 9.82) for the Master of Italian Language, Literature and Civilisation
  • Giulia Operti (average 9.42) for the Master in International Tourism
  • Lorenzo Lorenzetti (average 9.90) for the Master in Philosophy
  • Simone Eandi (average 9.45) for the Master in Artificial Intelligence
  • Riccardo Bernacchi (average 9.07) and Marco Giordano (average 9.18) for the Master in Management and Informatics