Technology: an ally, not an enemy


Institutional Communication Service

2 January 2023

Technology is an important part of our lives and has been with us since childhood. Therefore, dealing with technology design for teens and children, including preschoolers, becomes necessary to foster ethical design that puts young users at the heart of the process. 

In the column dedicated to technology in collaboration with La Regione, we hosted this month Monica Landoni, adjunct professor at USI Faculty of Informatics, who offered a reflection on the risks but also, above all, on the opportunities that IT offers in children's and teens' education.

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The column

Nowadays, technology and information technology play a fundamental role in everyone's life. Their constant presence offers opportunities and challenges that are not always easy. To help us gain a better understanding of the often complex issues, the daily newspaper La Regione offers a monthly column in which USI faculty and researchers provide perspectives and insights into the varied dimensions that characterise the digital age.


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