Academy students' parade opened the Orme Festival


Institutional Communication Service

26 May 2023

The seventh Orme inclusive arts festival started on Wednesday, 24 May, with a celebratory parade called Magiostra. Live music and artistic performances filled the streets of Lugano, from Piazza Luini in front of LAC all the way to Asilo Ciani. Despite the rain, the parade kicked off at 5:30 pm. Joining the Banda Rulli Frulli, a project of music, integration and creative reuse of recycled materials, and the performer Ledwina Costantini were the students of the Atelier Blumer of the Academy of Architecture of Università della Svizzera italiana. 

Every year, the Academy involves first-year students in a two-semester project at the atelier, which culminates in a public exhibition. Professor Riccardo Blumer outlines the theme of the atelier, which explores the relationship between body, space, and movement. The final presentation takes place in public areas, with the aim of transforming the city into a communal theatre. Emanuel Rosenberg, the artistic director of Orme and Teatro Danzabile, has been working with Professor Blumer and the Academy for some time and has given lectures on inclusivity. This collaboration led to the idea of participating in Magiostra. Despite not being dancers or musicians, the students are architects in the making. Professor Blumer decided to focus on the ratchet, a cogwheel instrument that produces short, sharp sounds when rotated. Each participant constructed their ratchet and attached it to an aluminium pole, adding their unique flair to the theme.

During the Orme Festival, Professor Blumer also participated with Professor Luca Maria Gambardella, Pro-rector for innovation and corporate relations, in an afternoon of study on the theme of inclusive art.


Macchine sonore per Lugano - Atelier orizzontale Blumer