Bärbel and Paul Geissbühler Scholarships


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18 July 2023

For the sixth time the Swiss Study Foundation, in collaboration with the Bärbel and Paul Geissbühler Foundation, awards the Bärbel and Paul Geissbühler Scholarships to students who have distinguished themselves in STEM subjects (including human medicine). For Università della Svizzera italiana, Luzia Bühlmann, a Master in Medicine student in the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, won the award.

These Swiss Study Foundation scholarships, funded by the Bärbel and Paul Geissbühler Foundation since 2018, are awarded to students who achieve excellent academic results in STEM subjects and promise a bright future.

Scholarships for 2023/2024 were awarded to the following students:

Luzia Bühlmann, from Romanshorn (TG), Master in Medicine, Università della Svizzera Italiana

- Sven Krattinger, from Düdingen (FR), Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, ETH Zurich

- Gaëtan Marchand, of Soubey (JU), Master in Conservation Biology, University of Bern

Beatrice Stocker, Zurich (ZH), Master in Medicine, University of Zurich

Frédéric Urech, from Thurgau, Master in Computer Science, Stanford University

Aleksandar Zûzûl, from Croatia, Bachelor in Medicine, University of Zurich

Luzia Bühlmann, from Romanshorn (TG), Master in Medicine

Luzia Bühlmann has just graduated with honours from the fourth cohort of the new Bachelor in Medicine program at ETH Zurich. She had the opportunity to receive a varied scientific education at the interface between technology and people. Next autumn semester, the 22-year-old will begin a Master's degree in Medicine at the Università della Svizzera Italiana.

Luzia Bühlmann grew up in Romanshorn, in Canton Thurgau. There she attended high school in a class with English as the immersion language, Spanish as the main subject and Latin as an optional subject. She also spent a school exchange year in Croatia. Fascinated by the complex functioning of the human body, from the macroscopic to the subcellular level, she decided to study Medicine.

In the future Luzia Bühlmann plans to work as a doctor or researcher. Given her interest in the discovery and analysis of the new and unknown, she is particularly attracted to a career in science. She has already had initial professional experience in this field with an internship at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) in Bellinzona. In addition to her academic commitments, in her spare time Luzia Bühlmann plays the viola in the Thurgau Youth Orchestra.

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