Möbius Multimedia Lugano Prize 2023


Institutional Communication Service

2 October 2023

The 27th Möbius Prize 2023 will be held in Lugano from 12 to 14 October 2023. This year's keywords are: Cancel culture, educational robotics, TikTok, ChatGPT, and nuclear fusion.

The upcoming event will be held on 13 and 14 October at USI in Lugano (with a "not only digital" prologue on cancel culture on 12 October at the Lugano Cantonal Library). The twenty-seventh edition of the Möbius Multimedia Lugano Prize is dedicated to "Digital protagonists (and victims). Cancel culture, educational robotics, TikTok, ChatGPT, nuclear fusion: hard things explained right!." Five keywords that tell the story of a digital year full of transformations and concerns, opportunities and spectres, which from topics for specialists, have suddenly jumped to the centre of public debate. Keeping up with technology can be challenging, but the Möbius 2023 program aims to shed light on the matter. The program features speeches by leading experts and direct protagonists. It also focuses on the stories of excellence in Switzerland and the Italian-speaking area that have been able to successfully take advantage of the opportunities brought about by these transformations.As is often the case, technology is running and it is not always easy to keep up. The programme of Möbius 2023 aims to try to shed light on the matter with speeches by leading experts and direct protagonists, while keeping an eye on the stories of excellence that, in Switzerland and in the Italian-speaking area, have been able to virtuously exploit the opportunities of these transformations.

For USI, speakers will include:

Luca Maria Gambardella, Director of the USI Master in Artificial Intelligence and USI Pro-Rector.
Gabriele Balbi, Full Professor in media studies at the Institute of Media and Journalism (IMeG), Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society, USI .
Eleonora Benecchi, Lecturer in Digital Cultures and Audiovisual Theory and Production (BA) and Social Media Management (MA).
Anne-Linda Camerini, Lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences at USI. She is also affiliated with the Institute of Public Health.

Please refer to the attached programme and the dedicated website for further information.

Prizes will also be awarded. The Grand Prix Möbius Suisse (in collaboration with the Fondazione Agire) is this year dedicated to Swiss excellence in the field of "digital and disability" and will see OpenLab Group, LighthouseTech and Genny Factory competing, while the Grand Prix Möbius Editoria Mutante builds on the reflections of Möbius 2022 on Metaverse to reward the best "immersive laboratories": the three finalists are Ated4special, Metaverse Marketing Lab and VRescue. The Möbius Giovani Prize (in collaboration with SUPSI) will feature digital narratives by students on the SUPSI degree course in visual communication on the theme "Ti spiego in un video la mia vita digitale" (My digital life in a video), which will collect the experiences and reflections of the "Kids on the net" on topics such as love, information, art and friendship read in a digital key. Following the positive experience of the 26th edition (with Paolo Giordano as the winner), the special Möbius Prize for Artificial Intelligence at the Service of Society will be awarded this year to Roberto Viola, Director General for Digital Policies at the European Commission (DG Connect), in recognition of the global pioneering role that the European Union is taking in regulating new technologies, artificial intelligence at the forefront. There will also be room for a Special Möbius Prize, which will be awarded to Carlo Spinedi, representing Associazione per la storia dell'informatica della Svizzera italiana(AStISI), a virtuous example of preservation, valorisation and dissemination of a fundamental part of the recent history of the Swiss Italian-speaking region.