"Nuovo futuro" day at USI


Institutional Communication Service

13 November 2023

The National "Nuovo futuro" (New Future) Day (https://www.nuovofuturo.ch/) is celebrated on Thursday, 9 November 2023. It allows teenage girls and boys to explore new opportunities and gain practical experience in professions where their gender is typically underrepresented. 

The Day challenges gender stereotypes by encouraging kids to pursue their interests and talents when choosing a career path.

Cantonal middle schools, therefore, provide pupils with a day of justified absence during which they can follow their parents to work (if they are in professions with gender balances to be improved) or take part in organised programmes.

USI is participating in the initiative with a dedicated programme, offering a day in which girls and boys, thanks to the testimony of experts in the field, can discover how informatics can be engaging and fun for everyone.