Energy on show at East Campus


Institutional Communication Service

4 March 2024

From 2 to 24 March, the photo installation "ENERGY" organised by FotoClubLugano is being held in the plaza of the USI-SUPSI East Campus. The exhibition consists of thirteen panels exploring the theme of energy in all its aspects, from the physical to the spiritual dimension.

The shots were selected through an internal Club competition by a jury that also took care of the posing sequence of the images. Art direction was entrusted to Vito Noto, who worked to ensure coherence and harmony in the overall experience of the exhibition. 

For contacts and more information, visit the FotoClubLugano website.


The text presenting the exhibition, edited by FotoClubLugano

Energy is a complex and fascinating concept often discussed in terms of physics or spirituality. In our modern society, every activity requires energy. It is not just a single element but a manifestation of many different forms, including renewable or non-renewable sources such as heat, light, movement, electricity, chemical and nuclear energy, and even gravity.

The availability of energy resources plays a crucial role in a country's economic and social development. Energy comes in various forms and can be converted into one another, but electricity is undoubtedly the most versatile as it can be easily converted and transported.

However, the connection between energy and spirituality is more complex. Energy cannot be seen or touched, yet it is vital for life, much like the air we breathe. While it may be difficult for many Westerners to accept the idea that there is something beyond materiality, this notion is commonly accepted by Eastern cultures.

Over three thousand years ago, an Indian yogi spoke of "prana," a universal energy that serves as the fundamental source of all life. This life breath, or prana, is present in everything and carries life on it. Taoism, an ancient Chinese philosophy that arose around the third millennium BC, is based on a similar concept that the universe is a living organism infused and permeated with a rhythmic, vibrational energy called "chi" or "qi." 

Although the idea of all-pervading energy may seem mystical, modern physics is beginning to support what the wise men of ancient times already knew many centuries ago.