Is it possible to "repair" criminal justice?


Institutional Communication Service

4 March 2024

The USI Law Institute, in collaboration with and the Swiss RJ Forum, is hosting an event to reflect on the situation of women in prison featuring the theatrical performance "House We Left" by the MaMiMò company. It will take place on Friday, 15 March at 6 pm at the Lugano Aula Magna.



6 pm Registration and reception  
6:15 pm Intitutional welcome  
6:30 pm Performance "House we left"  
7:40 pm Debate  
8:30 pm Cocktails  





The event is free and open to the public, but seating at the Aula magna USI in Lugano is limited. Click here to confirm your participation.


The show: "House we left"
"What does having a home mean?" - Our protected place, our boundary from the world. It's the only place where we can distance ourselves from everything and take care of ourselves. "House We Left" tells the story of women and transgender people who were forced to leave their homes because of mistakes they made during their lives. Now, prison is the place where they live. They exist, but to the world, they no longer exist. They are in a place that erases their existence from society.