Dialogue and Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation: Challenges and Perspectives in the Middle East Context

Dr. Federica Frediani
Dr. Federica Frediani

Institutional Communication Service

25 March 2024

The International Workshop: Stocktaking and policy learning in the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation, organised by the Graduate Institute in collaboration with USI, the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and the Panteion Univeristy of Athenes. Federica Frediani moderated the panel “Maintaining influence in times of change”, devoted to exploring how European Union and Switzerland can remain credible actors for promoting peace and for sustainable mediation initiatives, especially in light of the conflict in Gaza and the repercussions on the entire Middle East Mediterranean region.

Workshop participants -academics, policymakers and officials from various institutions - emphasised the importance of promoting dialogue and the need to continue, and in some cases improve, Euro-Mediterranean cooperation initiatives.

Federica Frediani also spoke on Saturday, 16 March, on RSI Rete uno programme “La pulce nell’orecchio”, about Iran's role in the Middle East Mediterranean region, in the Hamas-Israel conflict, and the Houthi attacks in the Red Sea. To listen to the interview: https://www.rsi.ch/rete-uno/programmi/intrattenimento/la-pulce-nell-orecchio/Viaggi-e-culture-altre-Il-ruolo-dell%E2%80%99Iran-nel-conflitto-Israele-Hamas--2097531.html