The first 100 days: leveraging career change

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All USI Alumni are kindly invited to the USI Executive MBA (EMBA) event on

The first 100 days: leveraging career change - Recognize opportunities and seize them before it is too late

Without change, there would never be opportunities for growth. Sometimes a change is necessary for us to further develop our skills and to grow in our careers. Although change is not always easy, it is when we have the best chance of making a lasting impression on our lives. The question is how can we manage to make this a positive change and not a negative one?

Guest speakers: Stephen Norman (Senior Vice President of PSA Group) and Manuela Maronati (Vice President of PTC Therapeutics).


Saturday, October 7th from 10:30 – 12:30

USI Auditorium, Via Buffi 13, Lugano


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