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Valore BF: From offline to online. Towards an increasingly Digital World

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The USI Career Service is glad to invite you to:

Valore BF: From Offline to Online: towards an increasingly Digital World.

The successful case study of SolidWorks

The desire to grow, to face new challenges and to provide a range of services even more compelling to local companies led ValoreBF to become a reseller and partner of SolidWorks, a leader in the development of 3D design software and tools for Engineers, Designers and Technology Professionals.

Our presentation will be divided into 3 parts: a brief introduction, held by Emanuele Cavallari, Head of HR Department, who will present the corporate value, the mission and the various business areas that lead Valore BF to present itself as "the only technological referent". In addition to this, Emanuele will introduce the speech of Chiara Marcora, Head of the Web Marketing Department, who will present the various online activities that have been already carried out, and those ones that will be activated in the next future, for this specific project, by following a clear and well-defined strategy. But before explaining the different potentials of Social Networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn, the various SEO activities and how to attract new visitors on a website thanks to Google AdWords, Simona Rabbolini, Head of Marketing Department, will describe the Marketing Strategy behind this great project, specifying the target audience, the studies and the marketing activities that have been carried out.

We will amaze you by making our presentation "Live", technological and even more innovative: Valore BF represent the digital innovation for every kind of business; that's why we love keeping up with the times. We won’t let you down! #staytuned


With the participation of:

  • Emanuele Cavallari, Head of HR Department
  • Simona Rabbolini, Head of Marketing Department
  • Chiara Marcora, Web Marketing Specialist (USI Alumni, Master in Communication, Management and Health, 2015)

Introduced by:

  • Prof. Michael Gibbert and Giulia Miniero, Marketing class (Bachelor)


Tuesday May 15, 2018 from 2.00 to 3.15 p.m.

Room A-11, Red Building, USI Campus Lugano