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Faculty of Communication Sciences, Faculty of Economics

Master in Marketing and Transformative Economy

The Master in Marketing and Transformative Economy is not just another Master in Marketing. Its ambition is to include established marketing wisdom and practice, to expand them further.

First, the Master brings marketing aims beyond customer needs, satisfaction, and value, to include individual and collective well-being. Developments in marketing prove that marketers’ decisions do affect and should envision customer welfare. This not only reflects marketers’ ethical responsibilities but also unveils new business opportunities for companies supporting ‘the good life’.

Second, traditional marketing just focuses on price-regulated exchanges. Yet, new market systems have emerged, including access-based (e.g. bike- and car-sharing), gift (indirect reciprocity replacing price), and sharing economy (e.g. Couchsurfing), as well as consumer-to-business (e.g. co-production) and consumer-to-consumer assisted marketplaces (e.g. Airbnb, Uber). When marketing pursues economic interest while also advancing social wealth, and when it inspires fairer forms of market exchange, the transformative economy is here to come.

Master Director: Prof. Luca M. Visconti