Call for Projects for Innovation in Teaching

Over the past two years, interesting opportunities for integrating digital technologies have emerged not only at the level of individual courses, but also at the level of entire programmes, as well as the opportunity/need for important interventions to support innovation in education.
In order not to lose this experience and energy, the Call for Projects for Innovation in Teaching has been published, addressed to teachers and Bachelor and Master programmes of all USI Faculties. This call aims to support extraordinary initiatives for innovation and the promotion of quality in education at USI.

The call invites projects of any kind that aim to promote innovation and the quality of education at USI. Some types of eligible projects are listed below:

  • Re-design or renewal of a Bachelor or Master programme.
  • Development of new courses or programmes, possibly also in online or blended mode.
  • Purchase of new tools (SW, HW) or resources to be introduced in a course or programme.
  • Production of new teaching materials for a course or programme.
  • Re-designing how student learning is assessed in a course or programme.
  • ...

Projects of different sizes, between CHF 3'000 and 25'000, and of different durations, between 3 and 18 months, can be proposed.

The call is currently close. The last deadline for the presentation of projects was on 7 December 2023 (with response by 22 January 2024). No further calls are planned after the December 2023 deadline.

The list of projects funded in the first three calls is available in the "Attachments" box on the right.

Projects funded in the third call (June 2023)

In the third call 9 project proposals were received.

The following ones were approved for funding, submitted by:

  1. Ena Lloret-Fritschi (Academy of Architecture), for expanding and renewing the equipment of the Concrete Room (Sala gesso) in Mendrisio;
  2. Matthias Hauswirth (Faculty of Informatics), for the production of a video tutorial for HOC (Hour of Code) and the adaptation of the PyTamaro platform;
  3. Marilù Guigli Poretti (Faculty of Biomedical Sciences), for the integration of new functionalities into the Checkpoint software;
  4. Raphaël Parchet (Faculty of Economics) and Andrea Mocci (Faculty of Informatics), for the development of a serious game for the 'Regional Economics and Policy' course;
  5. Narjes Sheikh Asadi (Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society), for a feasibility study on the implementation of a "debate course" at USI.

The complete list of all projects funded in the first three calls is available in the 'Attachments' box on the right.