Statistics with SPSS for Social Scientists

Lecturer: Eugène Horber

Modallity: Online

Preliminary Workshop: 10 - 12 August 2023

This three-day workshop is free of charge for participants of regular workshops (week 1 or 2) or can be booked by itself for a fee (200 CHF).


Workshop Contents and Objectives

You should attend this workshop if you have no- or not much experience conducting basic statistics and using statistical packages, especially if you plan to attend another workshop during the Summer School that requires statistical analysis skills and familiarity with statistical software.

The aim of this three-day workshop is to acquire, deepen or brush up on statistical analysis skills and the use of SPSS.

Topics covered

  • Working with SPSS (windows, menus, command language, output management)
  • Preparing data for analysis (data entry, data transformations, scale construction)
  • Descriptive statistics and data exploration (categorical and continuous variables)
  • Analysis of relationships (crosstabulation, tables of means, simple regression), summarising relationships and statistical tests.

Based on a combination of a series of e-learning modules, completed by short presentations and tutoring sessions adapted to the needs of the participants, you will work on your own, at your pace. We will be around to provide guidance, further explanations and help in case of difficulties. The e-learning modules of this workshop will remain available after the Summer School.



None, except motivation to acquire skills with statistics and statistical software.