Advances in Behavioral Neurosciences

How do people think, feel, speak and behave? The goal of this course is to provide a systematic analysis of some fundamental cognitive processes such as language, emotional response and consciousness, by emphasizing how behaviour can be characterized and studied, revealing the functional, anatomical and circuital organization of key centres, and the relevant clinical syndromes.

Students will learn about classic and cutting edge research, and discover how language, consciousness, emotion, and mental illness can be understood, to be able to offer advanced and modern solutions to important health and social problems. In this course a special attention will be dedicated to the practical applications of the most recent findings in this field which will be highlighted and discussed in class.

The course will include class lectures, class discussions, presentations of research papers, lab and clinical sessions to see how animal and human behavior can be studied and analysed.

Course instructor: Prof. Malgaroli and Prof. Lamanna

Semester: Spring

ECTS: 12