Job Profiles

Jobs directly related to a degree in MCMH typically include

Health Communications Specialist
A health communications specialist is someone who works to help others understand more about medical treatment, health lifestyle choices, disease prevention, and more. They focus primarily on spreading information to the public that can have an overall impact on the health and wellbeing of the population. They typically work in hospitals, for governments, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

Healthcare Account Manager
A healthcare account manager is responsible for liaising between customers and the sales team. Other responsibilities include assuring best contract fulfilment and excellent customer service; working on healthcare promotional programmes, on-site medical programmes, and other healthcare-related services; marketing needs assessment, proposal development, cross-selling to existing customers; and giving sales presentations. A healthcare account manager usually reports to a healthcare account director.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager Healthcare
The Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager Healthcare has global responsibility to develop and execute online marketing concepts for the Business Unit Healthcare with a focus on inbound, content and social media / paid media marketing as well as marketing automation.

Clinical Research Coordinator
Clinical Research Coordinators work under Clinical Research Managers and are tasked with administering clinical trials. Their primary responsibilities include managing clinical trials and collecting data, informing participants about study objectives and administering questionnaires. Clinical Research Coordinators need to engage with research subjects, explain what is expected of them and understand their concerns, requiring excellent interpersonal and communicative skills.

Academic Researcher
Researchers in academia undertake original academic research in the field of Health Communication or other relevant related areas. PhD students typically carry out research projects towards a doctoral degree. They might be also involved in teaching support or teaching activities. Possible academic professional developments include roles such as post-doc researchers, assistant professors, lecturers, full professors and more.

Science Writer
Science writers should have knowledge of their subject and be able to communicate it well to readers. They cover scientific occurrences and discoveries for journals, magazines, or other publications. A science writer may be affiliated or unaffiliated with the scientific area they cover. Science writers combine an understanding of the sciences and an ability to write well. This interdisciplinary position involves analyzing scientific data and translating the information into writing that can easily be understood by readers.