The Master is offered to students who have been formed according to the new European order, but also to students with higher education diplomas according to the pre-existing regulations.

The Master's Dean's office reserves the right to integrate the study plan with some core courses if they are not present in the candidate's university resume.

On the other hand, the holder of a Master's degree is eligible without reserve:

  • a BA in History of Art (or similar);
  • a BA in Cultural Heritage Studies;
  • a BA in Italian language, literature and civilisation (with a minor's degree and a thesis on the history of art or architecture).

In addition, candidates with the following diplomas are able to enrol (with fewer credits):

  • MSc in Architettura

Interested candidates holding a Bachelor's degree in any other relevant academic field may also submit their application: the Master's Director will evaluate on a case by case basis.