Minor in eTourism

During the USI Master in International Tourism programme you will have various opportunities to specialize yourself, including the Minor or elective courses (12 ECTS) you choose.

You can use these 12 ECTS to further personalise your study plan by choosing one or more of the following options that are offered within the USI Master in International Tourism:

  • The Minor in eTourism
  • The Minor in Sustainability
  • Courses offered by other USI Master programmes in English
  • Semester at a partner university abroad

The USI Master in International Tourism timetable includes all courses that are part of the Minor in eTourism:

Minor in eTourism (12 ECTS)
Spring Semester ECTS
Usability and Digital Analytics 3
Augmented and Virtual Reality* 1.5
E-Commerce and Cyber Security* 1.5
Fall Semester ECTS
Digital Challenges in Marketing and Big Data 3
Online Communication Design 3
UNESCO Chair Summer School* 1.5
IFITT Master Class on eTourism* 1.5

* Choose 3 ECTS in total during the Spring and/or Fall semester.

In the study programme of the USI Master in International Tourism these 12 ECTS of the Minor in eTourism are listed within the 3rd semester (Fall).

When you complete 12 ECTS of courses belonging to this Minor, the Minor in eTourism title will be written on your Master transcript of record.