Graduating from the USI Master in International Tourism gives you:

  • a strong foundation in communication, economics, and management skills specifically applied to the international tourism industry: new media for tourism communication, intercultural communication, tourism economics, the economics of transport and mobility, aviation management, corporate travel management, destination management, risk and crisis management, and event management,
  • an in-depth understanding of various tourism experiences: from the cultural history of tourism to the analysis of today’s tourism consumer behaviour, and future sustainable tourism planning and development of destinations and UNESCO World Heritage Sites; from its design and packaging to online marketing and service management of tourism experiences,
  • the cutting-edge tools to effectively interact in an ever-increasing international and digital business environment of tourism: project management, negotiation, e-tourism technology, international relations, online communication design, usability and digital analytics, augmented and virtual reality
  • the advanced multidisciplinary and problem-solving skills developed during our Master, which are highly valued by employers worldwide

…preparing you to work in various functions within tourism businesses and equipping graduates for a high-level career in the International Tourism industry.

Successful completion of the USI Master in International Tourism also provides preferential access to the PhD programmes in Economics or Communication Sciences offered at USI, in which you can write your PhD dissertation on a tourism-related topic.

Be part of the USI Master in International Tourism to shape the sustainable future of travel and tourism.


93% of USI Master in International Tourism graduates are employed within one year after graduation, finding their first job very quickly, on average within 2.5 months (28% already have a job when graduating).


Average time to job: 2.5 months
28% before graduating
48% 0-3 months after graduating
76% within 3 months after graduating
93% within 1 year after graduating


Place of work %


  • Ticino
  • Other Swiss Cantons



Italy 18.8
Other Countries 31.2


Industry %
Communication/Press 17.7
Business Management 14.6
Events and Conferences 9.8
New Media (eTourism) 9.8
Research/Academia 9.8
Tour Operating 9.1
Business Consulting 8.5
Hospitality 5.5
Destination Management 4.9
Corporate Travel Management 3.7
Government/NGOs 3.7
Transportation 3.0


Function %
Accounting 11.1
Consulting 6.6
Education 5.6
Entrepreneurship 2.9
Finance 2.1
Marketing 26.7
New Media and Communication 18.3
Operations 4.4
Product Management 6.1
Program and Project Management 6.7
Quality Assurance 3.9
Sales 5.6


The average salary one year after graduation is CHF 45'000, (for jobs in Switzerland CHF 55'500).

10yearUSIMaster Survey 2016
USI Placement survey 2018

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