What our Alumni say

"The Master in International Tourism offers a lot to international students. With over 15 countries represented in our class, you can really get a sense of culture both inside and outside the classroom. There are really no limits once you arrive in Lugano. The University of Lugano has an established research institute that is willing to assist you with any projects that you might have. The distinguished Faculty comes from all over the world with many different backgrounds, giving you a wide variety of knowledge and growth while you study here. As for the city, Lugano is centrally located in the middle of Europe. It is easily accessible from all parts of Europe by car, train, and even plane. Destinations like Milan, Turin, Zurich, and the rest of Switzerland are all within a four-hour distance, and great for exploring, researching, or just a leisurely visit. The city of Lugano itself offers a wide variety of sporting, cultural, and nightlife activities, so whatever your interests may be, there are no restrictions."

Gregory Byrnes, USA

"The Master in International Tourism programme is unique in Switzerland, offering in a very familiar atmosphere a broad but at the same time a specific education depending on your own interests. I appreciated the small size of our Master in International Tourism class and of the university, and particularly the applied teaching approach. Many courses are based on a practical point of view, allowing you to follow and develop your own ideas. I'm looking forward to working in tourism not only packed with new theories and concepts but also with the capability to tackle a problem and to develop new ideas."

Christine Kaufmann, Switzerland

"The Master in International Tourism offered me an ideal opportunity to build on my previous academic and professional background. I gained a sound knowledge of various fields of the multifaceted tourism industry, and I very much enjoyed the practical orientation of the Master in International Tourism programme. In addition to its diverse courses, the programme allowed me to apply and enrich my skills during many hands-on experiences through applied projects with tourism businesses and institutions, the Study Tour, and the internship, as well as through the work on my Master’s Thesis. Besides that, I appreciated the small size of the class, the lively interaction between students and professors, and the multicultural setting of the University of Lugano. USI is situated in a tourism destination, which not only enabled me to enjoy my leisure time in this beautiful area with its countless points of interest, but also helped me to observe and understand many topics that were examined and discussed in class."

Ursina Crameri, Switzerland

"Why the Master in International Tourism? Because I think I am an open-minded person, I love to travel and experience new cultures. When I arrived at the University of Lugano, I met people from very different countries and I felt very well from the beginning. My colleagues and professors have all been very kind and helpful. So, if you are looking for a future job in the tourism sector, or you simply love travelling and tourism in general, international relations, or meeting people from different cultures - the Master in International Tourism is the right choice!"

Valeria Belloni, Switzerland

"I graduated from Lausanne Hotel Business School with a Bachelor of Science degree in International Hospitality Management. For my graduate studies, I was looking for a university offering a Master programme that could build on my previous degree. I found the perfect match with the Master in International Tourism at the University of Lugano. I did not regret any second to be here. It is a lively, interesting, but also demanding Master programme, preparing you for a future career in the international tourism sector."

Gianna Arnold, Switzerland

"I look back on two extremely valuable years of study and a simply unforgettable time in Lugano. USI’s Master in International Tourism offered me a very wide range of knowledge of the diverse tourism industry and the opportunity to learn from respected professors from all over the world and different thematic fields. A multitude of group works made the learning experience very hands-on and practical, which certainly enhanced the learning effect. Moreover, different excursions, the mandatory internship, as well as the Study Tour offered great possibilities for learning outside the classroom. This Master programme is very dynamic and constantly subject to improvements. But USI and the Master in International Tourism are not just about studying – they are also about people. The small size of our international class allowed me to get to know and work with each of my classmates and to gain friends for life from all around the globe. These two intense years at USI have flown by, have helped me grow a lot, and left me plenty of fantastic memories."

Karin Althaus, Switzerland

"Since the first day I arrived, I have appreciated the organization of the Master in International Tourism programme, my classmates, the lectures, the buildings... everything! I really like the practical aspect of this Master: we have many laboratories, projects, and group works that give us the possibility to do something practical, not only theoretical studies. Another aspect that I would like to mention is the English language, which is the teaching language of the Master in International Tourism. I think that it is really important to increase our English language level, because talking English means being able to move all around the world!"

Luca Savio, Italy

"I dreamed a lot about this university, because I fell in love with the courses of the Master in International Tourism. The Master in International Tourism programme is very interesting, and the practical case studies will allow us to take concrete decisions in future tourism projects! The official teaching language is English, and our international class is perfect to improve my English language skills. USI offers a lot of services to its students, like a well-equipped library, internship placement, scholarships, and every day seminars and opportunities to grow."

Erica Roggio, Italy

"The Master in International Tourism at USI was a fantastic choice. From a learning experience perspective, it taught me important economic and communication concepts related to the tourism phenomenon: from macro-economic forces, international relations, tourism flows, to technologies for tourism communication and promotion. Moreover, I had the possibility to learn about tourism dynamics from both representatives of academia and the tourism industry, thanks to this amazing Master programme. Last but not least, the international class environment improved my communication skills and allowed me to know more about various cultures around the world. Wondering about your professional development? The Master in International Tourism provides you with all the tools to build valuable competences for a successful tourism career in an increasingly competitive world."

Emanuele Mele, Italy

"Being in Lugano and attending the Master in International Tourism has changed not only my habits, but most of all my future perspectives and dreams! Being 25 people in class, coming from so many different countries, it is a wonderful chance to learn, to broaden your mind, and have fun all together. The classes are catchy, with great insights and concrete observations, which I'm sure will be very useful for my future working experiences. The campus of the University of Lugano is a perfect place to study; not too big, great infrastructure, and lots of international people to meet. Just the last personal note... I find the library amazing! I have worked there as an assistant and it is pleasant to study there. Each floor is equipped with bright and silent areas to study, and – of course – tidy shelves full of magazines, dictionaries, and books (most of them are absolutely brand new!) which cover a plurality of topics... no way to get out of there empty-handed guys!"

Sara Borghi, Italy

"During the last two years of studies, I have not regretted for a moment having come to Lugano and having chosen the Master in International Tourism. The Master in International Tourism programme is very multi-faceted and diversified, and it enabled me to gain knowledge in a lot of different disciplines and research areas. During my studies, I particularly appreciated the international and multicultural set-up of my class, its small size, as well as the close relationships between professors and students. Studying the Master in International Tourism at USI has opened up a lot of new opportunities for me, and it has helped me a lot to grow both personally and professionally. I got to know wonderful people from all over the world, made new friends, and met people who inspired and motivated me. Lugano is the perfect place to study for anyone who prefers a picturesque, calm, but culturally and naturally rich place to a crowded large city. I especially enjoyed the unique mix of Swiss and Italian culture, and the multitude of languages and cultures that are present all over the city. Also, its geographical position makes Lugano a perfect starting point for trips to Italy, the rest of Switzerland, or other European destinations."

Theresa Schieder, Germany

"My two years at the University of Lugano and particularly attending the Master in International Tourism flew by way too quickly. What I loved the most was the international atmosphere, the feeling of constantly learning something new, and all the possibilities the Master in International Tourism gave me. The multidisciplinary approach allowed me to learn about various aspects of the tourism industry, and the very hands-on and practical way of learning suited me very well. Field trips, the Study Tour, and the internship are a great way to get inspired and learn outside of the classroom. The two years were very intense and busy – just how I like it. USI is a small, but a very international university where it is easy to get to know people. The classes are small, which makes learning easier. Lugano as a location is just perfect. If you like hiking and beautiful scenery, this is your place. If you like travelling, you have lots of interesting cities nearby. Choosing the Master in International Tourism has so far been the best investment I’ve made!"

Anna Lindberg, Finland

"The Master in International Tourism offers a great opportunity for developing one's skills and knowledge for a career in the tourism industry. The small class size, the applied nature of the programme, and several applied projects done throughout the Master let students explore the world of tourism hands-on. My own class had 19 different nationalities, which shows the internationality of the Master in International Tourism programme and the whole university. Students also get to specialize in subjects they are keen on through elective courses. I found Switzerland and Lugano the perfect places for studying tourism. The country is known as an Alpine destination and has many interesting case studies for the classes. The city, being sort of a mix of Swiss and Italian culture, offers an interesting habitat for university life.  "Work hard - play hard ... and work harder" hits right on for this Master programme! No matter what, I enjoyed every second of it and I can guarantee that your time during the Master in International Tourism will be unforgettable!"

Doris Hakkarainen, Finland