The Grand MTour

A key aspect of the Master in International Tourism is experiential learning, rooted in external classes all along with the programme. We immerse ourselves in tourism, combining theoretical and practical learning. Every semester you’ll have at least one external class, which will allow you to explore Ticino, Switzerland or Europe. We call this two-year long activity “The Grand MTour”: leaving and returning to Lugano, you will travel to perfect your knowledge, as intellectuals used to do in the past.

The Grand MTour culminates in the final Study Tour. Each year, our 2nd-year USI Master in International Tourism learners explore an inspiring destination during a week-long study trip.

This educational trip, which our learners consider as one of the highlights of the USI Master in International Tourism programme, is offered exclusively to Master in International Tourism students by USI university and is accompanied by tourism professors.

Through various meetings with local tourism professionals, the Study Tour gives you the unique opportunity to observe the ‘’back stage’’ of the international tourism industry and apply all concepts and skills that you have learned during the master.

Curious? Get an idea of the USI Master in International Tourism Study Tours experience.