Who are our Master in International Tourism Students?


The USI Master in International Tourism is a multidisciplinary programme designed for driven learners who are eager to shape the sustainable future of international travel and tourism together. Each year, our international tourism family grows even bigger. With more than 60 countries represented from 6 continents, we are proud that our Master in International Tourism alumni are thriving in tourism careers in every corner of the world!

The passion and dedication that our international tourism students and professors invest during the two years of the Master in small intercultural classes, taught by some of the leading international tourism researchers in the world, creates a highly interactive and personalized learning environment, which distinguishes our Master in International Tourism from other programmes.

As we believe not just in hard skills, you will be actively training your soft skills throughout the Master in International Tourism programme, such as critical and creative thinking, complex problem solving, time management, and leadership skills.

Our dynamic study environment, created by the various applied group projects and learning styles, supports you to strengthen your intercultural teamwork and presentation skills while guiding you to design and implement critical and innovative solutions to important global and local tourism issues.

By training crucial skills and helping you develop new ways of thinking, the Master in International Tourism equips you to make a meaningful impact in shaping the sustainable future of the international tourism industry.

And the difference can be made by you!

In 2003 the Master in International Tourism (MT) kicked off with eight students. By now, more than 330 students have participated in our Master programme, hailing from the following countries: