Goals and contents

Tourism – the romantic escape from everyday reality to picturesque places has grown to become a major economic sector in itself.

Next to financial services, it is the only industry that is established in every country around the world. Tourism is produced internationally, and fascinates an international clientele that could not be more diverse: Day-trippers, Backpackers, Families, Responsible Tourists, Business Tourists – or rather hundreds of millions of human beings who all approach their leisure time with a different interpretation.

Therefore, managing international tourism means understanding its diversity. This requires a frequent change of perspectives between the various stakeholders involved in tourism: different types of tourists, tourism businesses, local residents, tourism employees, governments, NGOs, activist groups, and tourism industry associations – to name a few.

To become capable of solving complex problems in tourism that frequently arise between these very different tourism stakeholders, you will learn how to use insights and toolkits from the scientific fields that are key to finding creative and innovative solutions to major issues in tourism:

  • Economics and Management (of tourism, tourism businesses, culture, territory, and the natural environment);
  • Communication (in tourism, tourism marketing, information technologies and new media, eTourism, and human sciences);
  • Politics, Institutions, and International Relations

The international tourism industry needs highly competent and dynamic young people who have a strategic and curious view on tourism and who like to challenge the status quo with a strong sense of responsibility.

Be part of the USI Master in International Tourism to shape the sustainable future of travel and tourism.