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Room 354
Main Building

Digital Transformation in Tourism

The course will provide a comprehensive overview on the digital transformation of Tourism (eTourism) –  both the related industries as well as the travellers’ practices and experiences.

Students will acquire the methodological tools to conceive, plan and manage digital media projects in the field of tourism communication. The course will cover a basic introduction to the relevant technological applications of the tourism industry, methods for the design and evaluation of tourism services, together with the management and promotional tools of web-based tourism communication.

A particular attention will be devoted to the impact of Covid19 pandemic on tourism, and on the role of digital media to address and mitigate such global crisis, as well as to support a sustainable recovery of travel and tourism.

Room A32
Room 354
Main Building

Cultural History of Tourism

A considerable space will be devoted to the relationship between travel and tourism. Another important topic will be the history of tourism in Switzerland. Switzerland was the first Desti-Nation, the first Country entirely transformed by tourism, a model for all the others. Only one canton was different. After the opening of the San Gottardo Tunnel, Canton Ticino became a highly developed touristic area, and it was promoted as the Sonnenstube, a Mediterranean region nestled into the Alps.
The course will offer an overview of the rise and development of tourism and the tourism industry in the 19th and 20th centuries, focusing on social and cultural aspects.