Master Thesis

During the final semester, as a USI Master in International Tourism student, you'll have to choose research and write a Master thesis on a tourism-related topic of your choice.

USI Master in International Tourism students benefit from Master thesis research project support given by Postdoctoral researchers and PhD students affiliated with our Academic Partners:

We encourage academic publications and industry articles from Master theses.

All Master theses written by our Master in International Tourism students (until March 2021):


Coluccia, Giulia: Travel guidebooks between past and present. The case study of Lonely Planet.
Gervasoni, Ylenia: Tourism in Ticino: a deeper view into residents’ attitudes and behaviours
Pop, Oana-Carina: How cultural differences affect negotiation? The case of Atlantis the Palm Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Affolter, Flavia: Architecture as a destination for Tourism: Case study of the Novartis Campus in Basel.
Barsocchi, Silvia: The impact of Covid-19 on airports and the tourism environment. The period of Covid-19 quarantine and spring 2020 in Tuscany.
Battino, Fiammetta: The image of tourists in time and places of overtourism. The case study of Barcelona.
Brambilla, Benedetta: The online communication of gastronomy related information for tourists: An analysis of ETC’s official tourism websites.
D`Inverno, Glib: China's use of its international tourism policy as a diplomatic leverage tool.
Etter, Gisela: Tourist motivations for visiting an urban waterfront regeneration area and their behavior on site: HafenCity in Hamburg as a case study.
Ferrari, Camilla: An investigation about future travel trends and risk aversion after the Covid-19 pandemic.
Geiger, Violetta: Tourism crisis management in Bali during Covid-19 crisis.
Milazza, Matilde: Exploring opportunities for Bleisure Travel in the urban destination of Milan.
Orthodoxou, Kyriaki: Hotels as Tourist Attractions: the Role of Architecture. Case study of Cyprus, an island in the Mediterranean Region.
Psallidas, Ioannis: Exploring the potential of Thessaloniki, Greece as a city-break destination by applying the St. Gallen model.
Shimizu, Kaori: Mapping the online presence of Switzerland, and in particular Ticino, on the Japanese tourism market.
Sormaz, Andela: Social media and ICTs as tools for visitor flow management in heritage destinations.
Ragusa, Miriam: How to improve cycling routes systems using the analysis of tourists` attitudes and behaviours: Syracuse as a case study.
Razavi, Fouzie: When e-Government deals with tourism. The case of Visa information
Xu, Yuxin: A Case Study of Marketing Strategies for City Tourism on Short-Video Platform “TikTok”-The City of Xi’an as an Example.
Zanetta, Martina: A New Travel Culture? The Origins of Female Solo Travel in Switzerland in Life and Works of Isabelle Eberhardt, Ella Maillart and Anne-Marie Schwarzenbach.


Bossi, Francesca: Behind the meaning of “Instagrammable” in the Tourism sector: the analysis of two cases in Amsterdam.
Chilombo, Faith: Tourism destination marketing in South Africa and Zambia: A comparative analysis.
Clément, Valérie: Are passenger night trains a viable travel mode for more environmentally friendly long-distance journeys in Europe?
Doninelli, Vania: Will hyper-speed ground transportation transform European tourism in daily leisure mobility? In a future in which the hyperloop will be our everyday transportation mean, will Europe become our daily activity space?
Hasenzahl, Lea: Is it not delightful to have friends come from afar? World Heritage Sites, ICTs & Chinese visitors: A European Case Study.
Hinterberger, Florin: Sustainable Transportation to a Nature-Based Tourism Attraction: A case study in Switzerland.
Hirt, Orianna: Understanding the impact of terrorism on a destination: The response of tour operators to the Karak terrorist attack in Jordan.
Kolly, Laura: The relevance of star architecture in the case of museums for the production of visitors' experience: The case study of Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern, built by Renzo Piano.
Minster, Charlène: Tourists as ocean advocates: Fostering integrated contribution by directing environmental consciousness of scuba divers.
Muraca, Valentina: The History of Italian Tour Operator Kel 12 in a Changing Market (1978-2019).
Papagni, Anastasia: Evaluating the effectiveness of the on-board concierge service, a tourist information service by Ticino Turismo.
Thalmann, Ashley: Coopetition in Destination Networks: A Case Study of Lugano, Switzerland.
Tommasina, Laura: Wine Tourism in the Swiss Region of Ticino: a Diversification Opportunity for Local Wineries?
Sapienza, Silvia: Re-definition of luxury in times of sustainability.


Alkaydi, Nadeen: Uncovering current and potential marketing strategies for promoting tourism in nature villages: The Case of Disney Villages Nature.
De Vantery, Sarah: Opportunities and threats of developing technology-based tourism products on cultural sites. The case of the archaeological site of Tremona.
Germanova, Mariya: Sustainable tourism development in alpine areas: A case study of the valley of Blenio (Switzerland).
Gervasini, Giulia: How the use of Facebook can support DMOs in case of natural crises.
Guillot, Aurélia: Nudging tourists toward more regional linkages: Focus on tourists’ ordering behaviour and consumption of regional products in the Gruyère region, Switzerland.
Lindberg, Anna: Why do business travellers cause hotel leakage?
Liu, Shuyi: The development and prospect of serviced apartments in China: Take the Ascott China as an example.
Sadigova, Gunel: The role of music in online communication of destinations as a tourism asset. The analysis of official tourism websites of ETC countries.
Sadykova, Inera: Image of Milan as a tourist destination city portrayed by the fashion players.
Pan, Niting: Analysis of Mainland Chinese millennial tourists in Europe on the basis of China's economic development.
Perry, Camille: Digitalization and the concept of “smart airports“: A comparative analysis of nine international airports' digital strategies.
Regazzoni, Nicole: Evaluating eLearning courses on tourism destinations: The case of the Switzerland Travel Academy.
Rosani, Ilaria: The use of ICTs for training in the tourism and world heritage field: The case of the MOOC “Tourism Management at UNESCO World Heritage Sites“.
Schipperijn, Marjorie: Investigating the tourism potential of “La Jonction”, Geneva: An application of the St. Gallen Model for Destination Management.
Wu, Rihan: Linking importance-performance analysis and shopping satisfaction: A study among Chinese tourists in Via Nassa.


Agnoli, Beatrice: Social networks and UNESCO: A qualitative analysis of the Facebook presence of Italian and Ticino World Heritage Sites.
Ayala Ramirez, Estefania: Online destination marketing: Taking advantage of fashion weeks to promote the destination.
Baronio, Maria Novella: Determinants of tourism expenditure in Ticino.
Boonyawong, Munlika: Italian potential tourists’ destination image: Comparison between Phuket and Bali and the perceived and projected image.
Civatti, Ekaterina: Online simulations and serious games: Understanding the issue of tourism development and sustainability.
Crameri, Ursina: The role of ecolabels in the Swiss hotel industry.
Della Monica, Caterina: Heritage and Tourism: The role of social media campaigns in raising awareness. The case of #faces4heritage.
Durando, Martina: Small and medium enterprises in the tourism sector: The experience of the family businesses in the Golfo del Tigullio.
Ehteshamnia, Arwin: Measuring the success of social media marketing activities for tourism destinations: Building a KPI Matrix.
Ellabban, Mahdy: Travellers’ perceptions and their impact on the air transport market: A study of airlines’ business models.
Evler, Jan: Sustainable tourism development of outdoor recreation sites: The case of Vallemaggia and Valle Verzasca.
Garbani Nerini, Elide: Switzerland Travel Academy: From design to evaluation of the eLearning platform.
Georgieva, Silviya: What is the role of air charter brokers in the private and business aviation industry? Case study on Air-Dynamic SA.
Glinina, Anastasia: Film-induced tourism: Media pilgrimage into the world of masculinity.
Gualandris, Jean-Raphaël: Do hoteliers perceive Airbnb as a threat? The case of 3-star hotels in Switzerland.
Katsira, Maria: Assessing the effects of an edutaining virtual reality experience in the tourism context.
Kuzakova, Tatiana: Digital storytelling for sustainable tourism: The case of South Africa.
Lechner, Loredana: Dynamics of Facebook interactions between Destination Marketing Organizations and their online followers.
Lomazzi, Vittoria: ICTs within HRM: From technology-enabled guest experience to technology-enabled staff experience.
Matviichuk, Bogdan: Online presence management and the use of professional generated content in wellness hotels in Russia and Switzerland.
Petrakis, Christos: Biometrics in hospitality and tourism: Measuring the effects of three destination marketing videos on consumer behaviour.
Russi, Linda: The economic value of the Piansecco alpine area during the summer/autumn season.
Saleem, Anaa: Cultural and heritage tourism: UNESCO Heritage Sites in Saudi Arabia.
Sironi, Marta: Weather-related online information for tourism: The case of Meteo Swiss and weather-related service providers.
Vevik, Iselin: Perceptions of Norway amongst young Europeans in the wake of the 22 July 2011 terrorist attacks.
Yang, Jieting: Tourism email marketing in China: The case of Shanghai’s Star Hotel.


Abbasova, Mariya: Online reputation of Baku city as a tourism destination.
Bregvadze, Irina: Corporate Social Responsibility and legitimacy in three international hotel companies: Case studies.
Cantoni, Edoardo: Teenagers' perception of Canton Ticino through the official destination website: An eye tracking investigation.
Dialynas, Ioulianos Markelos: Designing an `Experience-based Brand Equity` model for a Tourism Destination based on Online Communication: An Exploratory and Action Research from TripAdvisor for Elounda Bay Palace.
Doimo, Chiara: Uneven tourism geography in Italy: A regional perspective.
Lumbroso, Anna: Giacomo Puccini's places: Towards a new heritage interpretation strategy.
Gusso, Michela: Tourism and sharing economy: The accommodation sector in the era of peer-to-peer vacation rentals.
Mele, Emanuele: Localization for online communication at European National Tourism Offices: An exploratory analysis.
Memon Gul, Hazique: Analysis of social media marketing of desert tourism companies: The case of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Miotto, Adriana: Urban squares: Tourists, residents and behavioural patterns. An analysis of three squares in Lugano.
Raimundo, Laura: Understanding the mismatch between official and non-official online communications: The case of San Sebastian - Donostia's (Spain) destination image.
Taylor, David: Volcano Tourism Risk Management.
Zubovich, Katsiaryna: Benchmark analysis and usability evaluation of B2C e-commerce website: The case of


Aldi, Federica: Exploring the relevant factors influencing usability of the online booking process on individual hotel websites applying the eye tracking method. The case of three four-star hotels in the city of Lugano (Switzerland).
Bagiante, Luca: Analyzing dark tourism motivations: Ground zero, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and Chernobyl in comparative perspective.
Banjac, Alexandra: Reasons for selecting specific destinations to organize meetings: A study of international associations that decided or have not decided to hold a meeting-related event in Belgrade.
Caloz, Fanny: The virtualization of the backpacking experience: Analyzing the usage of smartphones and mobile applications on the road.
Casagrande, Anna: Chinese tourism shopping: A comparison between Milan and Lugano.
Codiroli, Tosca: Topics and frequencies of discussion and satisfaction ratings of luxury hotel areas. A text analysis and natural language processing of Lugano 5 star hotel online travel reviews.
Coppola, Sara: Tourists’ flows in the Caserta’s Region and in the surroundings’ areas.
Grammenou, Alexandra: Investigating Destination Governance in the Mediterranean destination of Corfu Island, Greece: A case study.
Jin, Yuqin: An analysis of cultural differences based on online reviews (Chinese version of TripAdvisor) of luxury hotels in Shanghai.
Molo, Isabelle: Understanding and measuring destination image: An assessment of the differences between tourists' pre- and post-visit images of the city of Bern using a single sample.
Panagiotidou, Evgenia: Analyzing the destination image and the role of visitors’ activities in Athens.
Schneider, Liselotte: The potential of Chinese skiers for Switzerland.
Schwendener, Thomas: Motivations of Visitors to WWI Commonwealth Cemeteries and Memorials in the Somme Region.
Secciani, Irene: Exploring tourist`s choices at the destination: A qualitative study.
Shpagin, Dmitry: The impacts of Winter Olympics on snow and mountain tourism: The case of Sochi 2014.
Vela Gajon, Ana: Challenges of globalization for the duty of care of corporations: A study on the requirements of corporations around travel risk management.
Verduzco Conde, Alejandra: Examining the use of Information and Communication Technologies and Website Performance of Mexican UNESCO World Heritage Sites: The cases of Historic Centre of Mexico City and Xochimilco and Pre-Hispanic City of Teotihuacan.
Wen, Yunong: Online communication of weather-related information to tourists: The case of national DMOs.
Zora, Daria: Branding Theories and Practices: The Case Study of the Brand Identity Ticino.


Alden Göksungur, Stephanie: Modifying What Works: Adapting an American destination marketing strategy for Cannobio, Italy.
Althaus, Karin: Academic Congress Participation: Do Cultural Differences Matter? A Gravitational Analysis of three Annual Congresses of the International Institute of Public Finance (IIPF).
Baveyan, Gayane: Guest Satisfaction Factors Resulting Improvements in TripAdvisor and GEI (Guest Experience Index) Ranking in Hotel Industry: A Case Study from St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort, Abu Dhabi.
Beck, Lisa: The Influence Events of the Arab Spring had on Tourism in Middle Eastern and North African States. The Cases of Egypt and Tunisia as Countries which had part in the Arab Spring compared with Morocco and the UAE as Countries which were not part of the Arab Spring.
Bögli, Fabienne: Analyzing the state-of-the-art of the online presence of agritourism offers in Switzerland. The case of Agritourism Switzerland.
Busatta, Carlotta: Analyzing the situation of MICE destinations according to different level of terrorism of different cities: A comparative analysis between London, Istanbul and Nairobi.
Caverzasi, Jessica: Business travelers’ behavior and travel policy compliance: Do generational differences matter?
Chernysheva, Evgeniya: Perceptions about heritage and tourism of locals living inside a World Heritage Site and their motivations to contribute to online narratives: The case of the medieval town of Rhodes in Greece.
Dounavi, Marianna: Online Gamification in Tourism: The case of World Heritage Awareness Campaign for Youth (WHACY).
Flepp, Fabio: The touristic future on and along the ‘Gotthard Bergstrecke’: Exploring the associations people have with the region, the motivations of prospective visitors, their requirements to a ‘Gottardo Express’ train offer and the potential of regional attractions.
Gazizova, Elmira: Communicating visa formalities online: Evidence from the National Tourism Offices’ Websites.
Huseynova, Elnara: The use of creativity templates and pictorial metaphors in the advertising of tourism industry.
Kössler, Zélie: Estimating the economic value of snow sports activities in Val Bedretto.
Männamaa, Liis: Case Study: The impact of dynamic targeted upselling on example of Lindner hotels & resorts.
Macaluso, Valeria: Leveraging on mega-events: The case of Canton Ticino and Milano Expo 2015.
Mehdiyeva, Elnara: The Sound of Intangible Heritage: The Case Study of the Cremonese Violin-Making Tradition.
Menzi, Annina: Zurich as a bicycle-friendly city for tourists? User requirements on bike sharing from a touristic point of view.
Nazari, Fatima: Effective factors on magnetize Medical Tourism in Switzerland. 
Pelizzari, Laura: The application of Butler’s TALC model and the formulation of repositioning strategies for Cannobio (Italy).
Petrova, Hristina: Analyzing the tourist market portfolio in Bulgaria and drawing its conclusions for a renewal.
Roos, Fabia: The Attractiveness of Castles as Tourism Destinations.
Roulet, Odile: Is collaboration the key to success? A comparative analysis of three tourism networks in the Jura & Three-Lakes destination.
Saie, Sara: Knowledge Management: Analysis and development of Effective Knowledge Management System in Tourism Industry.
Seiler, Isabelle: The Travel Behavior of Chinese Tourists in Lucerne: An Analysis on Chinese group travel behavior in Lucerne regarding the potential of producing individual travel experiences.
Tinelli, Marila: Beach management criteria for the Regional protected Park “Dune Costiere”: public and private perspectives.


Abu-Shakra, Salma: Film-Induced promotion of destinations: How should Film Commissions and Destination Marketing Organizations cooperate? The case of Switzerland.
Atef Abdelazim Gouda, Shady: The impact of exogenous crises on international tourism: The dialectic relation between vulnerability and resilience - The Financial and Political Crises in Egypt
Bassoli, Maria Cristina: Fostering cultural and creative enterprises in Rome and Barcelona. A multiple case study.
Bazhko, Dzmitry: Could bicycle sharing system be a tourism attraction? 
Beretta, Pauliina: Staying Connected While You Are On The Move: Expectations and Uses of Wi-Fi on Public Transportation and in Transport Hubs.
Borzatta, Sara: The Native American Response to Tourist Expectations. A Case Study.
Ceyhan, Gizem Melis: Istanbul, European Capital of Culture. What are the Effects of European Capital of Culture Event on Cultural Development and Cultural Image of Istanbul?
Dietlmeier, Carolin: Understanding and Addressing Motivations and Barriers towards Alternative Travel Modes. A Social Marketing Approach for Sustainable Tourism Mobility.
Giordani, Luca Andrea: Regional airports in Switzerland - Same country, equivalent opportunities? An analysis with a focus on Lugano Agno Airport.
Marforio, Elisabetta: Colombia: A new destination for backpackers?
Mariotti-Nesurini, Sara: Reinventing tradition? The origin of Festa delle Camelie (1923-1930).
Miljkovic, Marina: Within and outside the precincts of Belgrade: Focusing on visitor activities.
Murer, Daniela: Key Success Factors for Tourism Development in the Hinterland: Case Study of "Baselland Tourismus".
Pipileva, Katerina: The online space of Macedonian cultural/religious tourism. An analysis of existing online contents and exploration of the further potential.
Quinlan, Rachel: A Quest in Search of the Self: The case of Ashram in Rishikesh Judia.
Reimann, Annina Melanie: Hotel Mobile Applications: Analysing the State-of-the-art and Proposing a Concept.
Schieder, Theresa Karolina: Mobile Applications for UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Analyzing the state of the art, designing and assessing the usability of an application for two world heritage sites in the Canton Ticino.
Shamim, Mohammed Rizwan: Souvenir and Craft retail as a Business: A Qualitative Study.
Shekerinska, Katerina: Opportunities for Destination Management in the Mavrovo area - Republic of Macedonia. Applying the concept of variable geometry.
Singh, Chandra Shamsher Bahadur: Business plan for a Travel Agency.
Sturm, Caroline Sophie: MICE - A Carribbean perspective. Analysis of MICE destination decision factors applied to the Carribbean.
Taskai, Reka Sarolta: How does a cultural center enhance the tourism experience? The case of LAC Lugano.
Trama, Federica: What Agritourism Experience on Lake Maggiore: The case of Agriturismo La Pometa.
Vroegop, Eva: Tipping the balance? Exploring the relevance of coaching activities in organised water sport travels.
Wang, Yi Hang: Wi-Fi in China's tourism. Case study of the free Wi-Fi city Hangzhou.


Aguilar, Marielle: Film Commission: A new driver for tourism.
Angelsen, Marie Kristin: Co-Operation at a destination. The concept of a Product Club.
Aryandani, Rima: Cultural tourism and creative cultural district: Stakeholder analysis of cultural districts in London South Bank.
Bett, Benjones Kipleting: Tourism Policy in Kenya: Can it contribute to tourism growth and development?
Bischof, Nicole: Why do Tourists visit Swiss Mountain Destinations? An argumentative Analysis of Forum Posts on Tripadvisor.
Cadlolo, Timo: Valorizzazione turistica della Valle del Sambuco. Studio di fattibilità.
Davidziuk, Volha: Event Sponsorship Management Process: An exploratory study of Swiss banks and Ticino Festivals.
De Francesco, Sara: Building an integrated tourism system in Salento. Stakeholder mapping and involvement of key actors.
Fanetti, Lorenzo: History and evolution of Ticino Turismo.
Ganera, Corina: Destination Reputation in the Social Media across Different Language-Speaking Markets: The Case of Bucharest, Romania.
Gao, Yawen: Developing a Dark Tourism Event Concept for Switzerland.
Gega, Drilona: Marketing of sustainable Tourism: What does sustainable tourism look like in the Canton of Ticino?
Georgescu, Tudor Alexandru: Cultural Heritage Management: Future Policies in Valorizing the Cultural Heritage of Romania.
Guerreschi, Chiara Maria: Evaluation of the technological adoption within the hotel sector in Ticino.
Hakkarainen, Doris Maribel: Online Communication of Nordic Mountain Destinations - Analysis of Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish DMOs' Websites' Contents and Functionalities and Web Marketing Activities.
Hasky, Pia Theresa: Gastronomy as Competitive Factor for Urban Destinations - Analysing the cases of Edinburgh and Dublin.
Idriss, Maya Amal: Tightrope Walking of Cultural Routes.
Jankovic, Nikica: Montenegro: Designing the future tourism policies: Sustainable tourism based on natural resources.
Kittiteerasopon, Kittipoj: The analysis of creative tourism approach applied in Thailand. A case study of the Sukhothai - Si Satchanalai - Kamphaeng Phet World Heritage Historical Parks.
Kondratyeva, Oxana: Switzerland as a Destination for Russian Tourists: an Argumentative Analysis.
Li, Mengmeng: The social and cultural impacts of tourism on ethnic cultural destination. Case study of the Drum Tower Muslim District in Xi'an.
Luo, Jieqing: An Exploratory Study on Travel Motivations to China.
Malinverno, Laura: Luxury in hospitality, what online reviews teach us: The case of luxury hotels in China and India.
Natterer, Bettina: Future Business Model for Tour Operators. Can existing Business Models adapt the latest developments?
Patane, Aleksandra Stella: Safe adventure? The role of risk in Adventure Tourism.
Popovic, Vasja: The Influence of Information and Communication Technologies on Tourism Intermediaries (Travel Agencies and Tour Operators) in Russia and Switzerland.
Putpim, Ashareeya: Thai Boxe: A Key Factor for the Development of Sport Tourism in Thailand.
Rhein, Sarah: Social Media Marketing: Its future Trends and Opportunities for the Destinations Ascona, Locarno, Lugano and Ticino.
Roth, Sergio: The future of Low-Cost-Carriers.
Salauyova, Alena: Destination Marketing for the Emerging Tourism Markets as a Strategic Challenge for National Tourism. Organizations. Analyzing Marketing strategy of Switzerland Tourism for the Russian Federation.
Sorokolit, Olena: Promotion and evaluation of an eLearning course presenting a regional destination. The case of "Ticino Switzerland Travel Specialist".
Thaler, Sophia:Analyzing the Master in International Tourism: A Quantitative Approach in its Performance.
Willisch, Thomas: Creating Transparency in the Language Travel Market: A Business Plan.


Adukaite, Asta: Enhancing and Applying User Experience Risk Assessment Model to the tourism domain. A Case Study of MSC Cruises.
Aliverti, Fabio: The role of eLearning in travel agent's knowledge‐building process. A quantitative approach.
Battaini, Francesco: Understanding Visitors' Experiences and Spatial Behaviours in Cityscapes. The Case of the Rocks, Sydney.
Brenna, Laura: Online Representation of European Health Tourism Destinations.
Gaggè, Ivano: Analysis of emerging phenomena in the tourism sector. The case of golf and wine tourism.
Gembol, Ktimene: Online presence of project websites supported by the UNWTO ST-EP program: Towards optimization.
Idriss, Maya Amal: Tightrope Walking of Cultural Routes.
Kaufmann, Christine: Consumer Acceptance of Interactive Pricing Systems: Hotel Room Auctions.
Lavilla, Olaya: Managing Tourism at World Heritage Sites: Main implications and changes for site managers The case of Switzerland.
Lill, Vera: Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior to ecotourism. The case of tribewanted Sierra Leone.
Luisi, Gaia: Applying User Experience Risk Assessment Model to the Tourism Industry. An empirical Web Usability Analysis of an Online Travel Agent.
Olsevska, Gunita: Usability of Tourism Websites. Case Study of the Cruise Company "Silversea".
Papadopoulos, Gregory: UGC and Attribute-based image development. The case of Malta.
Ponzio, Federica: Cultural Heritage Management: Monte San Giorgio in the General Framework of the Alpine Convention.
Ressia, Cristina: Event management and event assessment. The case of Jazz Ascona.
Roth, Sergio: The future of Low-Cost-Carriers. 
Salamin, Florie: Integration of Second Home Owners: An Alternative Solution to The Second Home Problematic in Brione Sopra Minusio. 
Santambrogio, Laura: Ecotourism as proposal for the development of a mountain destination. The case of Airolo.
Savarise, Serena: Marketing of Culture and Territory: The development of strategic plans for the enhancement and the valorization of cultural heritage. Case study of Naples.
Siric, Jure: More destinations as one - cluster destination. The case of Umag, Croatia.
Talawanich, Suwadee: Impacts on the development of cultural tourism in Thailand created by interactive museums: Thailand Creative & Design Center and Museum of Siam.
Tettamanti, Simona: Lugano Arte e Cultura.
Tumino, Francesco: User Generated Content in Facebook. The case of Costa Crociere.
Violi, Lucia: Mobile Application Usability: The case of the tourist mobile guide iTicino.
Wipf, Claudia Elisabeth: Development of a Concept for a Mobile Tourist Guide Application for the Canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland.
Zuffi, Claudia: Destination Governance: The case study of a tourism destination in Ticino.


Barreca, Manuela: Destination development towards destination governance. The case study of an integrated district model. Distretto Taormina Etna
Berton, Julicha Giorgia: Will telecommunication substitute business travel?
Brack, Sabina: Drivers and challenges of internationalization in tourism. Indian and Russian tourists in Swiss alpine destinations
Byrnes, Gregory: Management and Marketing Strategies for Second Tier Cities in the United States.
Caldarone, Giulia: On the footsteps of Don Quixote. The Council of Europe and the cultural routes. The case study of La Mancha.
Capellari, Stefania: Marketing issues in wine tourism. Exploring successful Italian cases
Cereghetti, Daniele: Key success factors in the aviation industry: Is there room for SMEs?
Condorelli, Barbara: How to manage a tourism destination with "unconventional" attractions: The case of the Ruhrgebiet
Da Col, Stefano: Online reputation of tourism destinations: Towards a destination online reputation model.
De Pietro, Marianna: Tourist destinations online communication: The Destination Website Readiness Index. A study on English destinations.
Dollberg, Verena: The Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on National Tourism Organizations: The Case Of Switzerland Tourism. 
Dong, Xiongwen: The behaviours of outbound tourists from China Mainland. A reflection of Chinese culture.
Fedele, Sara: Destination marketing and users' appraisal. An argumentative analysis.
Fragassi, Gianmaria: Luxury tourism. An analysis of the luxury travel sector. Case study of Lugano.
Gasparini, Silvia Daniela: The Herman Hesse museum. An important driver for cultural tourism in Canton Ticino
Ghirelli, Silvia: Higher tourism education and new professional profiles. The case of Italy.
Grossi, Giacomo & Scappini, Alberto: National Tourism Policy: Analytical Framework for the Evaluation of Efficiency and Effectiveness. The Case of Italy.
Insuratelu, Cristina: Economic crises and their impacts on international tourism in the less developed countries.
Kang-Bronz, Yun Ji: Conflicting memories of World War 2. In South Korea and Japan.
Laffi, Carlotta: Tourist cards as an instrument to achieve full potential in cultural destinations. The case of Pisa.
Lautenschläger, Maria: A critical analysis of the concept of destination branding. The case of Switzerland tourism.
Luatti, Giovanni: The importance of national tourism organizations under conditions of global competition. The case of ENIT.
Macconi, Tiziana: Communism and Tourism. Cuba in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Martinez, Désirée: Exploring the Meaning of Adventure. The Case of Skydiving Experiences in Switzerland.
Miduri, Paola: Persuasion and argumentation in cruise-advertising. A case study on cruise catalogues.
Moreni, Laura: Urban tourism consumption. Categorization of attractions and tourists of the city of Milan through multivariate analysis.
Page, Natalie: Banking and Event Management in Arts&Culture. The Martha Argerich Project.
Passini, Vittoria: Online booking engines for hotel chains. An overview and a case study.
Saner, Kathrin: Association Meetings Market with a special focus on Zurich and Basel.
Schenck, Jessica Gabriela: Savoring the country. Gastronomic tourism with a case study on Piedmont, Italy.
Schmid, Marina Silvia Claudia: Stay Longer! Rebates in Kind in the Hotel Industry.
Schmidhauser, Regina Lucia: The Willingness to pay of the Othon Palace Hotel (Belo Horizonte / Brazil). Guests for the Introduction of Eco-Measures.
Stefani, Alice: Assessing government's involvement in sustainable tourism. The GRI perspective.
Stefania, Miriam: Analysis of Youth Catholic Events Online Communication. An overview and the WYD2011 case-study.
Tretyakevich, Natalia: Business travel and leisure tourism. Leisure-related motivations of conference attendees.


Arnold, Gianna: Destination Management in the Cruise Industry. 
Borghi, Sara: Online promotion in tourism. The Silversea case.
Franovic, Zorana: National crisis management and terrorism risk in tourism.
Dedekind, Christian: Reputation and tourism. Identifying and measuring the elements that influence the reputation of tourism destinations.
Gumiel, Ivanna: Strategia di sviluppo e turismo sostenibile nel parco naturale regionale del Camoghè.
Kalbaska, Nadzeya: eLearning in hospitality and tourism field. The case of destination management organizations and online training game proposal.
Magni, Elisabetta: Crisis management in the tourism field. The case of Phuket and Maldives after the Indian Ocean tsunami.
Mailland, Charlotte: Market analysis to position a destination on a target market. The case of the French Antilles on the Belgian market.
Maitre, Erika: Winter Olympic games. The case of Turin 2006.
Mazzucchi, Enrica: What is luxury in luxury tourism?
Nasir, Nely: Event management. A case study of Malaysia's 50th independence day.
Peter, Leonie Rebecca: Integrating cultural heritage into a tourist destination, illustrated by the Lofotr Viking Museum in Borg, Norway.
Pierguidi, Marika: The dawn of a new era. The eco-"Love&Peace" B&B.
Pisano, Piergiorgio: The return of the Aphrodite of Morgantina. A cultural event in Sicily.
Zagrebelnaya, Oxana: Modernity and tradition in conflict in world heritage sites: Case study of Gazprom Okhta Centre in Saint Petersburg.


Avola, Salvatore: From the concepts of destination management to the creation of Sistema turistico locale ibleo of Ragusa.
Guo, Xiaokun: The study of Chinese tourists group travel behavior and corresponding business model of Chinese travel agency in Switzerland.
Hammoud, Mustafa: Wellness tourism and the impact of architectural design on the success of a place. Analysing Vals as a case study.
Popa, Ioana Georgina: Tourism Development Stages and Impacts upon Ski Resorts North American vs Swiss.
Roggio, Erica: From Lugano to Louga: Community-based ecotourism in Louga region, Senegal. Project, development and commercialization.
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