Study programme

Study plan 2020-22:

Aviation Management 3
Consumer Behaviour in Tourism 3
Cultural History of Tourism 4.5
E-Tourism Technology Lab 3
Event Management 3
Intercultural Communication 3
International Relations and Tourism 3
Management of Small and Medium Enterprises 3
New Media for Tourism Communication 4.5
Tourism Economics 4
Advanced Data Analysis in Tourism 3
Business Travel Management 3
Destination Management and Marketing 3
Economics of Transport and Mobility 3
Human Resource Management 3
Sustainable Tourism Colloquium 3
Tourism Career Lab 3
Tourism Planning and Sustainable Development 3
UNESCO World Heritage and Tourism 3
Electives 6
The World Challenges Programme  
Minor in eTourism  
Minor in Sustainable Management  
Accounting 3
Architecture and Tourism 3
International Tourism Marketing 3
Risk and Crisis Management in Tourism 3
Tourism Service Management 3
Electives 12
Minor in eTourism  
Minor in Sustainable Management  
Other electives of student's choice  
Tourism Capstone Project 9
Internship* 9
Study Tour 5
Electives: The World Challenges Programme 6
Master Thesis 12
Total ECTS 120

Changes in the study programme may occur.

*Students can choose between the internship (9 ECTS) or master's thesis (12 ECTS). If students choose to do an internship, they will choose 3 ECTS elective courses extra. This means that students who choose to do an internship will have to complete 21 ECTS elective courses in total, while students who choose to do a thesis will have to complete 18 ECTS elective courses in total. You can do your internship during the 4th semester, only after the Tourism Capstone Project, or between the 2nd and 3rd semester.