The goal of the Master is to develop and train media and communication professionals, public servants and commercial entrepreneurs about the key characteristics and market conditions of modern digital media. We provide a thorough analysis of key production, distribution and marketing processes within media organizations as well as other companies in contemporary digital and social media environment.

Our students also gain specific knowledge about the digital revolution of communication technologies in a globalized context, including cultural, political-economic and social elements that are shaping new business models for all companies, media and non-media. In order to let students familiarize with the professional world, the Master offers internships at companies who operate in the media sector as well as companies require creating and distributing online or mobile content to reach larger audiences on a global scale.

Employability Data

100% of MMM graduates are employed, finding their first job very quickly, over 75% in less than 3 months, mostly in the Communication and Media industry or pursuing an academic career.

  • Employed                         100%
  • Average Time to job*        2,1 months
    (76% within 3 months: 60% before graduation)


Place of work %


  • Ticino



Italy 37
Other Countries 7


Industries (main) %
Advertising, Marketing, Events 26.9
Educational, Research institutions 26.9
Media 19.3
E-commerce 11.6
Culture, Art, Entertainment 3.9
Electrical, Electronics, Optical products 3.8
Public Administration and Associations 3.8
Transportation/Logistics 3.8


Functions (main) %
Media and Communication 26.9
Marketing 23.1
Program and Project Management 11.5
Administrative 11.5
Research 7.8
Product Manager 7.8
Education 3.8
Consulting 3.8
Purchasing and Sales 3.8


The average salary** is CHF 52'400.- 


*Source: 2020 USI Master Survey (2015-2019)
**100% gross annual salary in CH