Antonio Bello

My name is Antonio, I am from Geneva, where I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Management and I am currently a second-year student of the Master in Media Management.

I have always been interested in the media industry, with the intention of working in the film and advertising industry, and starting this master was the best thing to do after my bachelor's degree. It allows me to focus on my interests, to deepen the general knowledge I acquired during my bachelor's, and to specialize in a sector that I am passionate about. Thanks to this master, I am acquiring the skills I was looking for to achieve my goals and help me in my independent video production activity with courses focusing on different media industries such as newspapers, broadcasting or film industry, but also courses on social media, advertising, marketing, strategy, etc. The latter complement the former by giving us a very specialized but at the same time broad view of the sector as well as the best tools and methods to manage media companies or other businesses and deal with the different situations we are facing today due to, for example, new technologies. 

One of the best aspects of this master's degree is the proximity, availability and good relations that students have with professors and lecturers who have rich experience and background and a strong link with the field, which allows for better follow-up, more personalized assistance and a deeper understanding of the topics. Numerous practical activities and group work complement the various courses, allowing us to put into practice and use the skills acquired. In addition, the small class size creates a very engaging atmosphere and brings a very strong group cohesion between the students of this master with mutual help and support and therefore a certain team spirit, which has strongly motivated me during the year.

Fiorenza Conforti

My name is Fiorenza, I come from Lugano and before the Master in Media Management I graduated in Communication and Information Sciences and Geography from the University of Neuchâtel. At the moment I am working as the coordinator of the Press Office of the Locarno Film Festival.

I discovered the Master in Media Management by doing research on the Internet. After the Bachelor I was not very sure how to direct my studies, but the proposal of the Università della Svizzera italiana immediately impressed me and caught my interest. The field of communication and media have always been two of my greatest interest and this Master seemed suitable also in view of my future work.

The Master's program offers a 360° overview of the world of media and how media management works, something that maybe most Bachelor's degrees in Communication Sciences tend not to cover exhaustively. Beyond the more classic courses, I found that the Master in Media Management was also updated to the current context, dealing with the digital changes that the sector is going through. The Professors bring all their knowledge of the subject also as professionals in the field and this enriches the Master courses.

The Master's degree in Media Management has allowed me to deepen various aspects of the media world and to acquire new knowledge, expanding my point of view on the field. Today for the work I am doing I have direct feedback with what I learned during the courses.

I also think that the possibility of doing an internship in a media company is one of the most enriching experiences you can have during your studies.

Simona Scopazzini

Hi! My name is Simona and I was born here, in the charming city of Lugano. I graduated in Psychology from the University of Lausanne, and I am currently a student at Università della Svizzera Italiana where I am enrolled in the Media Management master course.

I have many passions, but my interests mainly gravitate around the field of communication. Whether it is written, verbal, or visual; whether personal or public, private or institutional, communication has always triggered in me a profound sense of curiosity and wonder. To the same extent, media practices and their ability to overturn and revolutionise the public sphere have, to this day, caught my attention and academic interest for their powerful and silent methods and timely relevance.

The courses I enrolled in during my Master gave me the possibility to plunge into this fascinating world, the one concerning the management of media and communication dynamics, marketing discourses, the economics of journalism and digitalisation – among others. Courses about brand management, visual and online communication, media narratives, advertising and social media management were among my favourites and the ones that helped me the most during my internship and the drafting of my thesis. The relevance of every course for the professional world and job market was something I deeply appreciated, for it allowed me to acquire useful and applicable knowledge which immediately became an asset to my personal and professional profile.

One of the things I appreciated the most was the possibility of having an open, continuous and down-to-earth dialogue with professors and assistants, who were always eager to listen to students’ thoughts and reflections on the topic and help in case of concerns or doubts. There were few students in my class at the beginning of the first year, which surely encouraged the creation of a friendly, extremely pleasing and understanding working environment, whereby one’s considerations were always welcomed and embraced.