Master in Media Management


Every company is now a media organisation.

The evolution of communication technologies and the expansion of social media networks have transformed the entire media industry. The media are global businesses today employing millions of people across the world. The online and mobile revolution have also resulted in many businesses creating online and mobile content such as websites and mobile applications and distributing this information and promotional material to reach larger audiences on a global scale. Our Master programme in Media Management allows students will learn about how all businesses, media and non-media, survive and thrive in an online digital environment. The course examines strategies employed by various companies and organisations to expand their businesses in a digital environment and we also teach students to develop the necessary skills for effective communication campaigns to reach employees, clients and consumers in a local, national and global context. With the MSc in Media Management, students will learn why every company is now a media organisation.

Awarded degree:

Master of Science in Communication, Major in Media Management

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