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The MSc in Media Management (MMM) at USI aims to help future media officers, business communicators and other professionals, including journalists, enhance their knowledge and understanding of modern media and communication industries,  preparing them to meet the many challenges posed by a period of unprecedented changes to digital mass and social media.

The full programme consists of 120 ECTS, and is directed to all students wishing to forge a career in media and journalism industries as well as professionals in communication-related activities in commercial and non-commercial organizations of all types, including NGOs and international companies. The course helps enable employees and managers at media companies, entrepreneurs in communication businesses and relevant public and NGO organisations to analyze the changes to media and communication industries, identifying how best they can utilize these changes to improve commercial viability and incorporate social and digital media into everyday business use.

Students will examine the transmedia nature of every modern media product, understanding the role of giant tech companies in changing the face of modern media and communications. The course is particularly useful for students wishing to understand the nature of modern media practice and economic management including journalism, advertising and social media. The course examines modern strategic management tools as a way of managing businesses in the digital media and social media age. The course is taught by full time academics led by Professor Matthew Hibberd as well as professional managers with senior practical experience in media and communication industries.  Students will have the opportunity to practice what they learn through assignments, presentations, group projects and research papers with continuous feedbacks from professors as well as engagement in conversations that go beyond what is taught in class to examine how social media touches all our lives. Moreover students will have the direct access to take part in one of the summer schools organized by the Institute of Media and Journalism (IMeG), including interacting with filmmakers during the Locarno Film Festival (Locarno Documentary Summer School) as well as experts from the world biggest emerging media market in China (Europe-China Dialogue: Media and Communication Studies).

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